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23 February 2011



It's apparently always the right time to do the wrong thing. Hmph.

Xade Wash

Ummm.... WHAT?!? Get real! You say you speak for America or when you say you represent Americans? You don't represent me when you don't ACCEPT me for who I am (an American, by the way, who happens to be gay) or when you don't give me and hundreds of thousands in the LGBT community the same rights as others. Now IS the time, Mr. Boehner. It SHOULD have been our time decades ago. Women eventually got their rights, black americans eventually got their rights. NOW IT'S OUR TURN!! Make it happen!! Or do you want us to continue to think you're nothing but a homophobic hypocrite who has a bad habit of turning a deaf ear to those he doesn't want to listen to because he might feel uncomfortable...??

Distant Lover

It is absolutley despicable how the GOP who created this clusterf@ck to begin with, find new ways to legislate their bigotry.
"Not an appropriate time. Sharply dividing a nation"
Absolute drivel!
Why don't you actually start to LEAD your people instead of PANDERING to their bigotry and scapegoating GAYS AND ILLEGALS, to cover up your own corruption?
Take the kickbacks that you received from corporate America and pay the national deficit?
Create legislation that rewards business that hires American workers and penalize those that ship jobs overseas to save on labor costs. These jack@sses know exactly what they are doing. It's disgusting when they try to sell that shyt to the American public, its even more disgusting when these tea bagging hillbillies buy it!


I don't even have the energy anymore to comment on these Rethuglican psychopaths. Their horses**t will never end.

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