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15 February 2011



Okay, so Buju Banton "blames" gay activists for his fuck up? REALLY?! All they said was, "stop talking about killing gay people in your songs." Mr. Ganja man brought this upon himself by being a crackhead and everything! Dummy!

Honut Sinti

Why don't Ujub Notnab reverse himself, get creative and do positive inclusive music? Maybe, just maybe his situation will improve.


I have zero sympathy for him.


Questioning whether Buju is merely obsessed with homosexuality or is he internally attracted.

Cocoa Rican

Maybe he can now leverage the creative genius of his gay cellmates and come back BIG...lol...
If he didn't sound like an ignroant ass for the hate speech, he now has confirmed his intellect with his blame game.


I don't feel sorry for his ass preaching all that hate on killing. Now his ass is crying like the sissy he is that it the gay people fault. Oh baby Banton go cry to mama....u bitch. Just think i hope you don't turn out to be a batty boi in jail with all those long nice locks ha, ha...poor baby :)

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