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01 March 2011



Sounds like a pedophile to me. At a playground watching children play and masturbating. His explanation is ridiculous. Who drives to a park to have lunch IN THEIR VAN? Put him under the jail with his hypocritical @SS! The Schadenfreude is almost too much this morning!


These stories never get old. The most vigorous bible thumpers are the sickest among us.



These stories do get old, because I'm convinced the effect is imbalanced. One pedophile pastor goes down in flames,..after years of tormenting thousands of gays and spreading a message of hatred to countless others. We know these hypocrites always get it in the end, but the damage and people they've poisoned can never fully be repaired.

I guess eff it, life's not fair, maybe I'll start a private investigation firm solely committed to digging up dirt on those who cast stones from glass houses, the faster their shyt comes crashing down the less hatred they can spread.

What should I call it?


Good point XP but I was referring to the exposure. I love the fact that they always get caught. LIke you, would like for it to happen sooner rather than later, but I'm glad that it happens.


Isis: I'd have lunch in a van if I saw too many kids or dogs in a park. I'd park where I could get a good breeze, eat, and leave.
Which begs the question: WHAT was he eating? No mention of it in the articles.

XP: "Glass Houses Destroyed." Keep it simple.

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