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22 February 2011



Let me be very clear about what is going on. The backlash against Obama and the fact that we have a black President is putting into place a new leadership at the state and local level that is moving to dismantle the very basic protections that our democratic process has produced over the last 150 years (read: since the end of slavery). Workers' rights, civil rights, voting rights, environmental policy, food safety, social insurance, public health, etc. are all being threatened. If you think any of these changes have anything to do with budgets you are simply not paying attention.

The irrational racism of the 2010 elections will mark the beginning of the end of us unless something is done very quickly.

Mad Professah

The 1996 Supreme Court case of Romer v Evans basically said that it will unconstitutional for the voters to pass a measure making city, county and state gay rights bills illegal. In other words the only way to get gay rights would have been to overturn the measure with another ballot measure. SCOTUS said no state could make LGBT citizens a "stranger to the law."

It's not clear to me if a state legislature's passage of a measure banning all local gay rights measures would violate Romer. But with multiple states with Republican/anti-gay legislative majorities if this Montana measure becomes law they will be the most anti-gay state in the Union (even ahead of Utah!)

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