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28 February 2011





Actually it doesnt look too bad.
Haven't heard any of the new music but I don't listen to bubblegum RnB.

Glad to see he is cleaning up.


Its a publicity stunt! They leaked some more pics of Rihanna's battered face last week. He tweeted that he thought it was to mess up his CD sells. He deleted them. I guess he did this to turn the light back to him. I think it was successful, because even Rod reported it. This child is doing good, but he need to leave that twitter alone. He always has to respond about everything. The music is decent, but I still don't know if its to the point that I would buy it.

The blond is not that bad, but of course everyone is calling him gay or a fag. Hair color does not make you gay.

Derrick from Philly

Maybe he's making a change, y'all. He's branching out with his sexuality and gender role expression. He does have a big booty, right?


I kinda like it.

...and Derrick? Back up. That booty is mine.


Sorry Rod I realized after I press post that I didn't edit a certain word.

I think this is a publicity stunt! Pictures of Rihanna's battered face were released last week and Chris (stupidly) tweeted that he thought it was to damage his album sales. He quickly deleted the tweets. He should stay off of twitter. He always has to respond to everything. He has been doing fairly well on the charts, but he needs to SHUT UP!

The blond is not that bad, but its silly to me. My thing is why are people calling him gay or the F word? Hair color does not make you gay! I see most of these comments coming from black folks. When will people wake up? You are born gay! Its not the hair dye!


He looks like a DAMN FOOL. He really needs to concentrate on his music and stop doing all that bizzaro crap. The hair, the clothes, the tattoos and twitter is all quality time and talent wasted. He has a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to take his music to a whole new level and he's wasting it listening to people prostituting his talents to create bullshit jobs and purpose for people who don't matter.


My preference for hair color is usually dark colors so I hate to see it when someone who has nice naturally dark hair bleaches it and makes it blonde, to me it just makes people look like clowns when they do that.


He is on concentrating in his music. His song Yeah 3X is doing great worldwide & here in North America. Went platinum in the US & it's doing even better in Europe & australia.

Deuces his urban song from the summer went #1 for 9 weeks on Billboard's R&B / HipHop chart which was a big deal since it was a mixtape song. & his current RNB song called No BS went to #3 on that chart & #1 on urban radio.

This is a big deal, because many radio stations banned him, and two years later, the majority have decided to regulary play him.

This guy is back. & since when did it become a crime to get tattoes? Is this 2011? Even grandmas are getting tats. Judging him on that seems rather prudish.

He really has moved away from bubble gum rnb because he's not 16 anymore. Those songs were sweet though.

He does write his own music though & has written for others like Keri Hilson & Mary J Blige & Diddy Dirty Money.


yep-check out his No B.S....that song is banging.


Channel Madge? Maybe, but he might've been going for Amber Rose:).


His music is generic, his music can be sung by any Bubble Gun artist out there and its PURE studio. All he did was upload the lastest verson of BEAT SOFTWARE and layed some different tracks on it.

It doesn't stand out as unique nor does he. He is a studio musics, Nothing but pre-written, pre-programmed tracks and synthesized vocals. And just because he sells well in Europe doen't mean he's a great artist. Europens will by almost anything considered musicly commercial from America which is why the industry is focused on moving units there and not in America anymore. If you want to impress me have Chris tour and create with a LIVE BAND, taking his music and each time he perfomes he does each song in a different style, ROCK, JAZZ, NEO SOUL, GOSPEL .. test his range and vocals (if he even has a range besides falsetto). People have been listening to studio created music for so long they can't tell the difference between real crativity and pre-processed.


Still a monster, woman beater to me.


yeah, i could take or leave the blond hair colour, but being a woman beater isn't something that happens to you by accident and no amount of bleach is going to wipe that out. when you lash out with violent tendencies, it says a lot about who you are. violence is to make someone do what you want them to do and if you need to control someone that badly then you are weak and all the fists flying in the world does not camouflage a coward.

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