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04 February 2011


Nathan James

So the Kampala police would have us all believe...what? That David Kato, a known LGBT activist in a country known to be extremely hostile to gays, and who wass marked for death in a public newspaper, happened to meet his end reneging on a pay-for-sex arrangement with a "thief", er, "male prostitute"?

The Kampala police are going right into the "blame the victim" playbook for this. If this is in fact Nsubuga's story, the police are a little too quick to buy it, because I sure don't buy this canned BS.


i'm sorry but doesn't seem right. this guy is going to get off. mark my words. i hate to be so suspicious but it seems fishy. i don't think this guy did it.


There is the possibility the confession is true. Let's keep an open mind. He bailed him out of jail and took him; why, we are yet to be know.


I agree with what Nathan said... not buying it, and would only add Kato had more dignity and self respect to pay for sex.

Tia Maria

Ofcourse they'd say all this nonsense about the poor guy.The world's eyes are on them over their barbaric treatment of gay people. They've concocted this sordid reason to try and prove how immoral homosexual people are and justify murder.Utterly disguting murders and bigots.


I'm not buying it either.

chris w

@ Tia Maria. I agree with your assessment. The sex-for-pay story is yet another version of "blame the victim" to JUSTIFY the depravity and barbarism of the perpetrators.


They always blaming the victim of the crime as if he is the one committed it. They are making it look like Kato payed a prostitute for sex. I don't believe it and i know deep down he would not have done something like that. But the Ugandan police making it look like that. I am not buying this one. The world is watching and we are not fools cause we know what is going on. So sad a man has to lose his life because of hate. Kato RIP in peace my brother you are truly a true worrior to the cause.

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