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09 February 2011



WOW. This man makes me change my workout regimen and my eating habits EVERY TIME I SEE HIM!


Lawd! Hats off to His Hotness! I've always had a special place in my heart for this man! Lookin' great at 43, he is!


Daddy is lookin sexsational at 43!

Honut Sinti

Mrs. Cool J: LL?

LL: What?

Mrs. Cool J: Quit posing and take out the trash!

LL: I done did it already!

Mrs. Cool J: OK. Then go get that special jelly and come in here.

LL: (Starts to furiously lick his lips) ;)


I have had a crush on this man for over 20 years...and he is STILL looking too damn good...

As Johnny Gill said "My, My My..."


Get 'em Uncle L!


something does not look right about his face. Maybe a little work


He looks great. Gotta give him his props. But, I prefer the natural LL, you know, without the body wax.

Greg G

>>something does not look right about his face

It's called having a jawline and very little bodyfat.


Well, I for one, will always remember LL as the sixteen-year-old boy on the back of the “Radio” album, with his black and red sneakers and his arms crossed.

So all you Jheri-curl suckers wearin’ high-heel boots,
Like ballerinas, what I mean is you’re a fruit-loop troop.
Rock the bells…


I would drink his bathwater!

chris w.

Amazing. The youthfulness and tone of the skin is remarkable alone.

Distant Lover

I just turned 40 and Mr. James Todd Smith has given me something to shoot for when I turn 43. The man is amazing! And as regards his face, he can still get it! I bet his wife has to watch him like a hawk cuz I know the hoes pulling after him! (Myself included!)


I almost didn't care untiiillll @0:23 in vid JINGLIN' BaBy

Weak as Water!

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