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09 February 2011




Derrick from Philly

Well, Moderate to Conservative Democrats are still a significant force in the party in certain parts of the country and in certain parts of certain states. It shouldn't have surprised so many when the Presdient had to compromise on certain promises because "Blue Dawg" members of his own party wouldn't go along with what they viewed as "radical change".

It was only 30 years ago when the Democratic Party was full of former KKK members in the South, and anti-black Conservatives in the North. People forget and have expectations that are un-realistic. Did SlimJim know better (about the Blue Dawgs)before he won the presidency making those promises of "Great Change" during the '08 Campaign? Yeah, probably so.

I don't know what kind of promises he's going to make next year, but I'll be voting for him. I don't take presidential campaign promises serviously. I vote party so hopefully the party will select federal judges.


I wish Kaine would run he has been a failure as DNC head..who did the DNC and Obama pick as winners for Senator and Governor that really won? Dean was too progressive for Obama and we all lost because of that

chris w

I bet he is going to K Street to become a lobbyist.

chris w.

If not a lobbyist, then the principal of a Washington consulting firm to be named "Webb & Associates" where he will capitalize and cash in on the connections he's made in Congress. ...the ole revolving door.


chris w. you are probably right about Webb... he wants to make money now

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