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26 February 2011



spandex pajamas and dl chicken hawk stories...


The Truth

What is an "offering worthy of the Lord"? Just curious

Former COGIC

Will the good bishop ask the men to drop to their knees and pray? That is usually the proper etiquette at revivals!


Sounds like the Bishop is on the recruiting trail looking for a few more "blue chippers".... Go Bishop!

Perry W

is that we they are calling it now?

sounds like a late night recruiting session!

Chitown Kev

Rod, you read my mind perfectly (or I read yours, one of the two) with the comment about the inches.

I mean...this is almost as bad as Besher's (sp?) interview with Michael Jackson where MJ had all of the kids sitting on his bed.


Will that man never give up. Seriously he needs to just come out of the closet, hit a club and get his grove on.

Honut Sinti

Late night sessions include catered service with the main course: hubris served with cheese grits and sausage.


She's a Big Fat Mess, That's All....


Well at least he's learned to not mess with the underage boys...


Late Night Prayer Meetings? Hmmm.....I wonder where they are? Oh yeah! PIEDMONT PARK! Bishop, sit your church queen toupee wearing roided up gorilla lookin ass down somewhere!


does anyone believe any good can come from the meetings?


An offering worthy of the Lord MUST mean pleasant tasting semen.


Sounds like a good place to meet guys!


Please@ worst_1... Who wants to be bothered with a melodramatic Church Sissy?


It's business as usual people. Move on because it’s a mound of sh!t you are standing around looking at and smelling. Their church and congregation has spoken and they like and want him to still be involved with their community children and young Men. The church is probably full of Gay, Bisexual and DL members and whether in secret or behind closed doors or Bible study meetings, they are alright with the man doing what he does. We have bigger issues to deal with than his pedophile tendencies and mega-church exploitations. People need JOBS.

Former COGIC

Carl, spoken like a true church queen.

This is a gay news blog. If you do not want to discuss gay news or events, or anti gay pastors, don't visit. And who are you to say what we need to talk about?


Are you fckin' serious, Long? I quit.


10PM on a traditional work night? Chile please.


>>>We have bigger issues to deal with than his pedophile tendencies and mega-church exploitations.

So when your son, daughter or nephew says the pastor has been molesting them, is that what you will say?

Unfortunately, that attitude is exactly why this is rampant in our churches today.


So it continues huh?

Account Deleted

Denial is not a river in Egypt!


I can't. I just can't....


Please do, Rev...


Who gave him that wig? That's the *real* issue...

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