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11 February 2011



you know. no one is forcing these bigots to become allies of gay people. all we ask is to not be AGAINST us and discriminate and take away our equal rights.

instead of judging people, let God do the judging. i'm sure He'd have a lot to say about people spewing hate and discrimination

Mel Smith

He's a real damn clown


Under a bus or under a house; who cares, as long as the wicked witch known as homophobia is dead.


Egypt just demonstrated what happens when people come together after becoming tired of being suppressed and oppressed. Eventually, different groups in this country are gonna do something similar if we keep denying people human rights; simply because they aren't considered "normal". These conservatives aren't gonna learn until t's too late for them. Never underestimate the human spirit.

W. McCrae

How soon some black folks forget. The oppressed justifying the oppression of others is a sad thing to see.


He's being a coon fellas. As you can see, he's basically being a freaking "house nigga" or your typical "Uncle Ruckus."

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