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27 February 2011


Ten in My Timbz

I hate to laugh because a person was killed and people are homeless ...

But that must have been some hellafied dick is they thought the heat from the fire was from the sex.


Stupid b!tch. I mean really. Someone is dead and several injured and homeless cause you wanted to get your f*ck on? I. Can't.Then another dumb@ss in the apartment is ironing while these clowns are voodoo f*cking, get scared and throws a window open? Dumb f*cks all around. They should all be placed back in the building to continue fucking and the place re-set ablaze.

Derrick from Philly

Damn. And I was mad at myself yesterday for falling out drunk with a pan of rice on the stove. Stunk up the whole building, but that was nothing compared to this.

Did I say that I fell out? I meant to say that I feel asleep. Religion and booze--both can be deadly.


Hmmm. Imagine if they wrote about gay people that way too. Oh, right: they do, and then GLAAD gets busy.

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