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13 March 2011



Goodness, what did she do with the money that she earned as a ACTRESS from a HBO hit show? I guess this is truly life imitating art.


"what did she do with the money that she earned as a ACTRESS from a HBO hit show"

While I dont reject the possibility that she couldve managed whatever monet she received a little better, don't assume that she was paid a grip. HBO is loyal but from what Ive heard they dont pay their talent a lot of money, and she was probably not even close to the highest paid person on the show. Show has been off the air for years now. I can see how things may be tight for her.


Money or no money is no excuse for what went down. There is still right and wrong. The biggest thing HBO did was shove this down our throats as the next big real thing and its reality we now see a few really paying for it; Did it do much for Baltimore? Nope. The few 'actors' they put in it -nada but it did get a big PR/Marketing blast, much ado about nothing.

Derrick from Philly

Well, I don't know anything about Ms Pearson, but I hope she overcomes this mess. But I just have to say (and it may be totally inappropriate)...but I just have to say: TROY, I visited your website. Brother, YOU GOT SOME GORGEOUS MEN ON YOUR SITE!!! Is one of them you?

Back to Ms Pearson. God Bless the po' child. She can be butch as she wanna' be now. Although I think they may desire more fems in women's prisons.

The other guy

I loved this show but I also have mixed feelings about it because people have this one-note view of Baltimore since it's gone off the air. Yes, there are run down, violent parts of that city - I have aunts and cousins there so I visited often as a child and I've seen firsthand how it's changed. (Not to mention the horrible things that part of my family has dealt with, including HIV, drugs, gun violence, etc. ... But that's for another day.) But Baltimore also has a vibrant arts scene and has an eclectic edge and interesting people, too. That's the Baltimore we never see. So while I think the show was fantastic and a wonderful showcase for black talent, sometimes I think it did the city a disservice. That said, I do miss it. It was good to see fully developed black characters outside of the context of comedy.

As far as Snoop ... It is what it is. People like her rarely change - no matter what opportunity she has she strikes me as the type who is still going to gravitate to a certain element because that's what she comes from and that's what she knows. It's a shame because she seems bright and is talented. Hopefully she can turn it around.

Distant Lover

Many actors don't get the big paychecks that they give to Will Smith, Brangelina and Adam Sandler. In fact, about 95% of actors in SAG get paid less than 20,000 a year. So I can appreciate Snoop saying she has no money. I think that judge singled her out due to her past, her fame and the character she played on The Wire. One thing I can say about Snoop's persona. I don't believe that she will be gay bashed anytime soon.
Quote: "And on the deeply-entrenched homophobia in the Black community, Perarson said she had "no thoughts. It doesn’t come around me"
Take a lesson, y'all.
You can be you, but if somebody steps to you thinking you're an easy target, act a fool like Snoop.
Now, back to the subject, I hope she comes out on top, won't have to go back to the drug game to make ends meet, and I hope that she can land on her feet.


In a 2008 interview with Jasmyne Cannick, Pearson said she "really wouldn’t know" anything about homophobia or discrimination ...

After being treated like a star everywhere she went, she forgot about the real world. I bet Snoop knows about discrimination now.

Not interested tho. This woman killed someone when she was only 14yo. She was given a second and third chance and blew it.

@ DFS Things are "tight" all over. Most of us dont get involved with selling heroin, tho.



I never said things being tight was an excuse for selling heroin. Not once. I was countering the notion that she should have all this money left over from The Wire

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