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07 March 2011



Is this surprising to anyone? Honestly?


Outsports has totally the wrong tack on this issue. You go to BYU, you sign a statement saying you'll live by their code of conduct. Everyone admitted is at least literate enough to read that and you best believe they make sure you understand all of it.

You want to have sex (with anyone), have wine with dinner, or have that morning cup o' Java? Don't attend BYU. It's really that simple.


Well...he knew the rules when he decided to attend a Mormon school so...lesson learned.


I agree with Ursovain,...meh. The school's rules are stupid but it's not like he was forced to agree to them or attend the school. There's hundreds of better schools you can attend and screw your girlfriend. Send his premarital sex havin ass off campus,..straight to my house! 6'9"? Whew! Yes!

While I disagree with this school's guidelines, I fully agree with their right to have and enforce them.


This is difficult-- on the one hand the "rules" are really crazy. I am not sure how such honor code issues are investigated, and I personally think these types of codes are invasions of privacy.

On the other hand, *nobody* can accuse BYU of only being interested in winning. In these days when player arrest, family corruption and failure to attend class are simply overlooked and excused to get a "W" it is a bit refreshing to see an institution say that they will stand by what they believe.


The policy is outdated. And I have no love lost for the racist gay bashing Mormon. But I begrudgingly agree with Kevjack,iByron, Procrastination and the others.

BYU is a private, religious school and is entitled to enforce its rules. And I agree that it is refreshing to see a school that is not interested in winning at all costs.

That said, I would ask do they enforce all cases or is random? Are "we" penalized more than others? Because study after study has shown that schools discipline black male students much harsher than white students.


Account Deleted

Why bother to go to a school like that? It's almost as absurd as LGBT adults making their kids go to religious private schools because some emotional attachment to whatever religious institution they have ties with, knowing the negative and harmful consequences of doing so and that said institutions have the RIGHT to exclude whoever they don't they see fit, only to complain about the marginalization they're facing.

Bigoted, primitive, and discriminatory the rules maybe, they unfortunately have that very right to do so. That is something that cannot be challenged and by left the way it is. It IS a private institution after all.


Chastity is admirable. It's a shame that people look down on it. But I have to wonder how his transgression was found out.


Davies turned himself in, so there is no "we" being penalized more than others here.

And I assume other students who violate the agreement would also suffer penalties.

I wont turn this into any religious debate. BYU can do as they please. I think it's silly, but rules are rules and I'm guessing Davies wasnt forced into signing with the school.


It sucks that this has happened to him but he did bring it on himself by going to that school and agreeing to live by "their rules" I wish him all the best in what ever happens from here on out in his life though.

I am anti religion in pretty much every aspect but when you go to this school and you sign a document saying you are going to live by their "standards" then you have to do it.

I wish he had chosen another school and I'm sure at this point he does too but he had sex in his bed and now he has to lay in....well wait a minute, now he can have even more sex in it so how is this a bad thing again? lol

The other guy

Tough. He went to a school, as others have pointed out, where you sign certain pledges and make certain oaths. I can't defend him on this one. This is the risk you take going to schools like this.


I agree with most of you. There are lots of choices for colleges. These are the rules you agreed with when you accepted the invitation to matriculate at BYU.

My only question is, who blabbed? Was it that good that the girl just couldn't keep it to herself?

Rod Mc

Freeleo: Apparently the girlfriend's roommate reported the couple. Not confirmed, tho. -RM

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I seriously doubt that after getting it in with his girlfriend that he is going to stop now. He should go to a school where he can practice his faith and live his life according to his own personal beliefs. Everyone who is part of any religious group don't always believe in EVERY aspect of the faith. I am sure another college would love to have him and his girlfriend can continue to have him as well.


Living on an island that has a branch of BYU, I can tell you that the students there are absolutely notorious for all their “extracurriculars,” maybe because they’ve been repressed so.

So I guess this a rule only for athletes, probably because they’re supposed to be role models.

My advice to Brandon is to get married. As many times as he wants.

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