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22 March 2011


Chitown Kev

RIP, Diva Loleatta...

Technically, she was a LITTLE before my time but at the Brass MF'ing Rail in the Late 80's, DJ Scotty was always good for spinning at least one Loleatta Holloway record a night.

Of course, I also had to apologize to one of the other gay bloggers who I thought was THROWIN' SHADE at Miss Whitney and, as it turned out, he was giving Miss Whitney a well deserved READING for her complete and total ripoff of Holloway's "We're Getting Stronger" (I actually didn't know that)


Derrick from Philly

Thanks, Rod.

Memories, yes, indeed. I always put down the music at the time--call myself into Jazz (what an idiot I was). Now, I listen to Ms Holloway and Sylvester and Cheryl Lynn and I long for those years.

And thank you, Ms Holloway.


Nooooo!! I'm done.

RIP sweet Loleatta.

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