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17 March 2011



Just horrible, breaks my heart. Prayers to all my LGBT brothas and sistas in Jamaica.

Jamaica anniversary

Jamaica has never lost its reputation as being a highly homophobic place and being people who were God fearing. These two traits do not encourage homophobic behavior. Why is it that people cannot reduce their public display of homosexual activity if they know it is disliked by the community? This would be similar to wearing a color in a community that you know hates that color. It may be illegal to attack someone strictly because they are wearing a color but in places like Jamaica, Compton etc this is a reality of life.


Derrick from Philly

"This would be similar to wearing a color in a community that you know hates that color."

You mean like being Black in a all White neighborhood. Should one is Black get beat up for that?

I doubt if any Gay person in Jamaica is flounting their sexuality--not nowadays. Those Gay Jamaicans who are attacked seem to be those that have been "outed" or those that cannot hide what they are because they don't fit the gender role norm.

In Jamaica (and Africa AND COMPTON California) too many people are using Gay folks as scape goats for the poverty and decay of their own surroundings--blaming someone else for your misery...or their miserable attitudes.

You've allowed unscrupulous "leaders" to take the attention away from their own failures by turning the attention on a vulnerable minority group who haven't done a damn thing wrong to you: Gay people.

As far as "God Fearing Jamaicans"--are y'all fearin' God when y'all commit fornication and adultery just like all the other God
Fearing Fools on this Earth?

Lang B

Kinda ironic that a country like Jamaica that promotes such lawlessness in dance hall music would be so uptight about countering sexuality. Look at the women spinning on their heads while masturbating to the latest reggae track, very graphic sexual culture but uptight about gays. GEEZE. Why dont they stone all the reggae artist that dress so outlandish? Out of all the Caribbean Islands it is usually Jamaica that is so violent. Backwards forward expression of sexuality in that country. Not to mention a lot of Jamaican men sex anything with a pulse, just turn off the lights though. SMH.


Not surprising @ all.

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