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29 March 2011



Great news.

Black Pegasus

Yes, great news indeed. But he better keep the ACLU on speed dial cuz those goons on the job are going to submit him to emotional stress and indifference while on the job - all of which will be hard to prove in court. I wish him well.

chris w.

I am happy for this brother. This development is a step in the right direction for Mississippi.


While I'm very happy for this brother, I'm still very concerned for his safety. My hope is that Officer Cooley is treated with dignity and respect by his fellow officers and that he have a long and decorated career.


I agree about the concern for his safety in MISSISSIPPI (Can't help but think about Nina Simone and her powerful rant against the state!!!).

I am also concerned about this boyfriend who was enough of a concern to have to call the police WHEN YOU ARE THE POLICE!

I am praying for this brother!!!

Distant Lover

I hope he finds another job soon. If I were him, I would take my back pay and get into another line of work, preferably activism. They (meaning the Corrections Dept.) will make things very difficult for him out of pure spite and I wouldn't put it pass them if Officer Cooley had an 'accident' while on duty. It has happened in times past and times haven't changed that much. Somebody call Dr. Ravi Perry and send him Officer Cooley's resume. I think that he would be just the new blood that Dr. Perry's looking for!


Why do I visualize Sheriff Billy McGee welcoming Andre Cooley back to the department with gritted teeth?

Distant Lover, I agree with you. He should take the back pay and try to get safe.


change the channel, switch it up become an black global english gentleman: As should come as no surprise to his readers, a gentleman is rather a stickler when it comes to language and the correct use and pronunciation of it. He seeks to speak English properly, refraining from the egregious use of slang, lazy or silly pronunciations, or sloppy grammar. And perhaps you think so, too. A small little passage that comes to mind: Look at her, a prisoner of the gutter, Condemned by every syllable she utters. By right she should be taken out and hung. For the cold-blooded murder of the English tongue.
Life too's short save yourself first and tell ole Miss to kiss it and walk away knowing the hero that you are.

J in L.A.

He'll find out if any coworkers were really his friends...

Andy Niable

Thanks for the post, Rod.

Mad Professah

Wow that's an amazing result! You know the tiems are a changin' if sexual orientation discrimination is being recognized and banned in the Deep South of Alabama!

2011, y'all!

(I agree with the previous posters that Cooley has made his point and established an excellent precedent in Alabama and should do whatever is best for HIS mental health, which I would suggest is to take the money and run!)

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