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31 March 2011




Duane Johnson

One of the places on my "bucket list"! What beautiful photos! in person...it must be fantastic!

Distant Lover



This is great, you are traveling the MFing world and representing. I love it.


Enjoy the island.


Enjoy the conference, and the resort Rod! I was there at Melia last Labor Day for DR Inferno and had a blast! If you have an opportunity, take advantage of one of the off-resort excursions...you won't be disappointed!


Don't Dominicans discriminate against black people, whether they are Dominican or not? In fact, I remember a story on the Internet within the past six months of a Dominican bar/eatery that had a sign posted that said that no blacks are allowed.

The largely mulatto/mixed race Dominicans are notorious for discriminating against the black Haitians on the basis of race. And my understanding is that they feel superior to the Haitians on the basis of race.

Why is the 2011 Black Diaspora MSM Conference meeting in such a place? I know that many in the Dominican Republic are heteroflexible (That is, they will be gay for pay--if the price is right.) and I know that many "black" countries of the Caribbean are homophobic (like Jamaica). But the anti-black Dominican Republic?

Since you are apparently there as a journalist, please find out. Inquiring minds want to know.
Posted by: Dean | 31 March 2011 at 20:43

Former COGIC

And a better location for a meeting of black gay HIV experts in the Caribbean would be ... Jamaica? Where?

Dean, you are obsessed around race and skin color. I only see your name in comments when it is something negative and obsessive around race, like is Obama or Kamala Harris biracial or black. And defending Cris Brown

Apparently the D.R. govt was welcoming to a large international group of black gay AIDS policy experts. Most nations in Caribbean would not be. Unless you are going to raise tens of thousands to host a meeting and fly people in, STFU.

Congrats Rod. No go kick some butt as usual.


I do hope you get a chance to make it into Santo Domingo, if only for one night and party at J-Deez, Eucliptus (if it hasn't changed hands) and sit out for a late night/early morning snack at Paco' on El Conde. In the meantime, have some great fun in the sun. Former COGIC, thanks for your response to Dean.

Joseph Reaves

keep up the good work


Congrats Rod, looking forward to your reports.


Isn't it always about the Dominican Republic and the delicious stories you dare not to tell? Rum and cokes all around.

Rod Mc

Dean: Please share if you know of a better location in the Caribbean that is Black gay friendly and will send an official rep from the govt. And also share your $100,000+ check to fly in and room 50+ people. Otherwise, say no more. -RM

Honut Sinti

Mouth wide shut! Snap!

You go Rod!



u r a rock star!!!



What a great view! Hope you have a great time!


I have been to the Dominican Republic about seven times. I love it there. Also my ex and now best friend is from San Pedro de Macoris, and he has worked in more than one luxury, all-inclusive hotel in Punta Cana.

I am glad that this conference is taking place. It is important and necessary. I hope the results are beneficial for so many of our black gay brothers.

My ex is a dark skinned Dominican, and he has discussed with me in detail how dark skinned Dominicans are the victims of prejudice by lighter skinned Dominicans.It has happened to him a number of times, including a few times when we were together.

Again I am glad this conference is taking place, and I am glad it is in the Dominican Republic. It is important. And, Rod, if you get the chance to visit the Colonial Zone, I know you would enjoy that too. An inexpensive and favorite restaurant of ours in the Colonial Zone is called Dumbo. I love their rice and beans.

One final note. It would be nice to hear from some gay Dominican men.

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