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15 March 2011


South Side


The Truth

"...both givers." Was she doing him with a strap on or something? Hmmm...

Joe B.

Another problem that could have been averted if people would just clean out their damn cars!

This is a Los Angeles phenomenon that you would think wouldn't actually exist, it's counterintuitive in a city with so many car thefts that one would use it as a rolling storage unit for one's stuff.

But they do, and the dark tinted windows just make it easier and shame free.

Having said all that, the last location of MY sex tape was living room of an "occasional friend" (regular trick) who died suddenly months after I had left it there.

But ... it's not in my car and I'm not Usher.


Of course. A celebrity drives around crime-ridden Atlanta w/ $1million in jewelry in the car and laptops with sex tapes on hard drive. Sounds perfectly believable.


The Truth

@Tristan...the car was broken into and jelwelry etc was stolen in crime-ridden Los Angeles, not Atlanta. But no, the story still isn't believable.

The Truth

@Tristan. My fault. I totally mixed up my stories and robberies. I was wrong.

Rod, take that last comment down.

Honut Sinti

Memo To: Ush

Re: Lost Your Mind

Take this flashlight. You'll need it to help find your mind cause you sure done lost it.


@ The Truth

It all went down in Atlanta on December 14th -- Usher and a friend were in an AT&T store when someone broke into his GMC Yukon and took whatever they could get. According to the police report, Usher claims the bandit made off with all sorts of Xmas gifts and personal belongings including $50,000 in furs, a computer and more than a million bucks in jewelry that he happened to have in the car at the time.

Crime DID NOT happen in LA


I'll never forget Ushers homophobic comment, being asked in the past do you have any gay friends and usher saying "No, i don't have those kinds of people near me. We don't mess wit dat"


When your career hits the rocks, take your clothes off or make a sex tape! Yawn.


buttons down the laptop and gears up for the long lost Reverend Eddie Long sextape video private library -we're talking 1980s. owww...Hey y'all, Lets go to 'the cloud'?!

Liberator Émigré Éire

Ugh... who wants to see that past-his-use-by-date aging pop tart with his squishy face that looks like a badly formed potato? No thanks.


I want to see!! Bet others do too!


Actually, Usher had just returned to town and was making a stop on the way home. That's why he had so much valuable stuff in the vehicle with him. He hadn't had a chance to go home and unload his belongings.


Honestly I can't stand Usher, even more after his homophobic comments. Don't find him cute, never thought he was. A nice body does not make him sexy, IMO.

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