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23 March 2011



What de @ss, is it heart failure week? Nate Dogg, Loleatta Holloway, now Liz Taylor? Lemme get up on my exercise and put down this McDonald's apple pie right now.

Rest In Peace Elizabeth Taylor. Great body of work, major progressive activist in the fight against HIV/AIDS, and White Diamonds still smells fantastic. You will be missed.


This truly feels like the end of an era. Elizabeth Taylor to me was the last remaining symbol of old Hollywood glamour, style, and grace. I can't think of anyone left who was close to her level of star power who represented that old Hollywood style. For as much as she will be remembered for the marriages and scandals, I hope that she is eulogized and more remembered for that second half of her life transformation into a great humanitarian who raised money and awareness for HIV/AIDS. R.I.P. Liz.

Distant Lover

The world is suddenly becoming a more dismal, sadder place.IN the past two years, we have lost some major stars who made the world a better place not only with their talent, but with their hearts of gold. This is really heartbreaking. I knew she had been ill for some time, but I knew she was a tough broad and that she would rebound. But for her to last 79 years despite the geart problems, brain tumors and personal heartbreaks in her lifetime, I'm grateful that she lasted as long as she did.
But I am still heartbroken just the same. In this world of tabloid trash, D-list reality stars and overindulgent, self-absorbed celebrities (i.e. Charlie Sheen) Stars of Elizabeth Taylor's caliber are a rare gem that once gone, leaves a huge vacuum in our society. She will be terribly missed and her legacy of beaty, grace and fierce activism will never be forgotten and I hope will be emulated by the rest of us. Rest in Peace, Dame Elizabeth.


Now she was a real movie star!

Derrick from Philly

Had the day off from work yesterday. I heard the news at about 8:00am. I watched Elizabeth Taylor movies all day and into the night. Some call her the last of the great movie stars. I think they're right.

muslim marriage events

Bye, Liz. You certainly left an indelible mark.


The last true and bonafide "Movie Star". RIP La Liz.

Honut Sinti

She was also a devoted mother. She was once quoted as saying that two things enriched her life immensely, watching her children and working to help those with HIV/AIDS.


I agree with everything that has been said (here and elsewhere) about Elizabeth Taylor, and she will be missed. I am also disappointed that, because of Ms. Taylor's death, another legend's death that week was eclipsed and not as widely reported (even here at Rod 2.0): Ms. Loleatta Holloway. Remember a time you COULD NOT fall into a club, and not hear "Love Sensation," "Runaway," "Dreaming" or my favorite "Hit and Run?" How immensely popular was Love Sensation? Not only was it remixed and re-released in 2006, but it was sampled by musical acts Black Box ("Ride on Time") and Marky Mark ("Good Vibrations"). In fact, it was Marky Mark's mega-hit (and video) that reintroduced audiences to Ms. Holloway, and eventually led to a resurgence in her career, ("Strong Enough," "Shout to the Top," and "Cry to Me.")

Rest in Peace, Loleatta.


Let me correct myself: Reading further, I see that Rod 2.0 did actually report on and offer a tribute to Ms. Holloway. (Such is the dangers of reading a blog from the most recent!) Rod, my apologies!

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