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15 March 2011


Tell it

Bet that was a hate crime..I bet anything on it

Derrick from Philly

I only know a couple of transwomen who have been able to hold down "traditional" type jobs. And I know a few who have been drag performers (but I don't think that provided all of their income). It's very difficult, and often many transfolk have to leave school because of the harassment and violence directed at them.

And so, many have to turn to prostitution. And that is a dangerous life. You may have 500 "dates" over months, but it only takes that one bad trick, and he could end it all.

I don't know how many "working girls" (biological and transgender) actually choose that street life. Not many... atleast they don't want to do it for a life time, or causing the end of a life time to soon.


The "sheriff" needs some educatin'. My skin crawls when I think that such "good ol' boys" are still responsible for law enforcement anywhere, but not surprised since it's Arkansas. I just went to the St. Francis County sheriff website and sent an e-mail to that muthahfu**a.

He deserves to have truth spoken to his "power."


I agree with Tell It. This was definitely a hate crime.


So it wasn't a "hate crime" against a transgender woman? Then what the hell is a hate crime?


Arkansas is only one of five states without a hate crimes law.

That's because hate is unknown in Arkansas.

Andrea L. Harrington

And they call this the land of the free, as long as you are heterosexual and white. Any dummy that says routine murder, sounds like an ill informed biggot. Don't hide behind your badge and claim to be a public servant, there is a life that has been exstinguished and all you can say is routine murder.And this is a sherrif, I guess he would say Jessey James was just misunderstood. Just plain ignorant and pittyful. My heart goes out to her family.


@ Perry. I love for you it brother!

May she R.I.P.

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