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08 March 2011



Really? What about women who have anal sex?


"There is no lubrication!"

Astroglide or KY, plus a few poppers and voila!

Ten in My Timbz

nature put a tight sphincter at the entrance to the anus...

yes and i love it

Derrick from Philly

Grandma must have found out the hard way (pun intended).

There are some women who can't lubricate in the coochie naturally either, and there are some guys who swear they naturally lubricate in the booty (take a bunch of vitamin E capsules at both ends--you'll be wet. You might die a little later, but you'll be well lubricated).

And somebody ought to tell that dumb old gal that not every gay couple performs anal penetration. And what about Lesbians.

Oh, what a stupid ol' cowgirl. Obviously, a Palin supporter.

The other guy

I shouldn't laugh but ... ROTFL!


@ Ten in my timbz...that was to funny!!


I'm with you other guy. I love when the nuts show up and show out. LOL

Account Deleted

What does Stalin have to do with the discussion, LOL. Maybe she's one of those old bats who believe there's some connection between communism and homosexuality. XD


She brought up Stalin because he was probably the one who wanted her to have anal sex with him, back in the flower of her youth..LOL


As the old saying goes, if God had meant for man to be f*cked in the *ss, he would have put a hole there.


Oh Grandma!

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