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06 April 2011


Derrick from Philly

I'm glad that you care enough, Rod, to keep us informed about the aftermath of this horrible event.

It's the race of the victims which makes this no longer of interest on other Gay blogs, isn't it? Of course.

The families of the two Gay teens would not try for harsher sentences because it may have required admitting their "loved ones" were Gay? What kind of families are those? The kind not worth being a member of.

And it's hard to believe that New Jersey prosecutors couldn't go on and use a hate-crime prosecution without the family's conscent. Maybe the prosecutors didn't feel there was enough evidence in these torture executions to prove that the motive was anti-Gay hatred.

But the reaction of "Gay America" to this horrible crime is very telling. These torture executions were just as vicious as the Matthew Shepard torture murder... but obviously not as important to "Gay America".

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