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29 April 2011


Edwuin T

Laz is very handsome. And I had no idea he used to be on BET.


Yeah go Laz wit yo fine self. Not to mention he's a Howard University alum which makes him all the more sexy.


OK, OK, I am clearly living a VERY BLESSED LIFE!

I was Laz's producer for AM@BET when he was our morning show host for a little more than a year before he left us to strike out to Hollywood hard!

He's not lying. Laz is very funny and warm and personable and really doesn't push the whole "I don't realize I am attractive" while he's macking on you or using his looks to get his way. Laz's personality is what endured him to our viewers and his style. He's a great actor and a super-amazing brother!

Bravo Rod and you noted that before during the JARHEAD post (YEARS AGO) that I probably knew him: I DO!

Kudos for a great piece and some amazing photos! I can't even call him sexy like that because it seems weird, but he's a very attractive brother indeed!!!! STARE AWAY!


I echo RevKev's comments.

I had the pleasure of working on a film production with Laz. Consummate professional, personable, and just as beautiful in person.


Thank you RevKev for sharing some insight on Laz, i would skip school some days just to see his face on AM@BET.


I remember him from his days at BET and his earlier movies and photos so I always thought he was SEXY...and my favorite treat of him to my eyes was in movie with Regina King who played his wife and she put baby oil on the floor of the bathroom so when he got out of the shower she was whipping him with a towel as he was naked and wet sliding on the floor...HOTTTTT!! Somebody help me with the title of the movie because it's on the tip of my fingertips but I can't recall right now.


@BLACK: "this christmas" was the movie and she was whipping him with a belt. gave me some ideas...


I was a big fan when he was on BET. I recorded all the shows so I could watch at night.

I thought it was pretty funny while people were bashing BET Laz, Brett Walker and Adimu were on there and they are three of the sexiest men you could ever see.


I am SO JEALOUS of those of you who worked with him! Obviously I need a new job:)

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