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27 April 2011


Chris Cruz

Huntley is looking to clean up her image. And she sees that voting for gays will not hurt her standing with constituents.

Nathan James

Actually, Huntley is the third anti-gay State Senator in NY to become the target of a corruption probe. Pedro Espada (D-Soundview) is in trouble over his dealings involving his health clinic in the Bronx, and that house he's (allegedly) living in, up in Mamaroneck, which ain't in da Bronx...LOL...but there's more trouble brewing in that borough.

Sen. Ruben Diaz, Sr., (whose son, Ruben Jr., is Bronx Borough President) is organizing a huge rally against gay marriage for May 15th. (Yes, that's the day of the AIDS Walk in Central Park.) He expects to be joined by 30,000 supporters as he and his orgy of hatred march up Third Avenue, from the Hub, almost all the way to Fordham Road. Diaz is a pastor with a hellish, homophobic agenda, and he is STILL teaching his constituency that hate is a core value for him. SMH.

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