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03 April 2011


dave lopes

Don't believe the hype.

1. It is extremely rare to find gay or lesbian identified people in haiti.

2. There is no widespread abuse of gay men in haiti...especially sexual.

These NGOs sole reason for existence is to maintain themselves as money collecting charities. They take one or two incidents and create a report to make themselves look good and to colect monet from gullible people with good intentions.

Derrick from Philly

I pray that you're right, Dave. But I don't know. People behave badly...behave horribly in prolonged horrible conditions.

Distant Lover

Well, I know that gay and lesbians are everywhere and usually when cities are wrecked by natural disasters and law and order are no where to be found, people will act a fool so this sounds completely plausible to me. All I can do for them is pray.

Greg G

Dave: You're either trolling or you're a homophobe. Or both. Gays and lesbians are randomly attacked every day in the USA. What would make you think they would have it BETTER in a very poor, homophobic, nation ravaged by natural disaster? And if women are raped repeatedly in Haiti and crime was already very high pre-earthquake, why wouldn't it be even worse now?

Just pathetic.

dave lopes

Greg; the only thing pathetic is an american with no understanding of other cultures calling others homophobe or a troll.

For your education; Haitian culture does not promote or encourage violence against gays. In haiti's vaudou religion which heavily influences the culture, homosexuals are seen as just part of the sexual whelm of humanity. Certain Vaudou loas like Erzulie are protectors of homosexuals. The priesthood is open to homosexuals and many are homosexuals.

just because people in the US behaves a certain way does not mean others will follow or do worse simply because they are poor.

In haiti, overtly homosexual people are made fun of or ridiculed..but attacking them is simply not part of the equation.

You are confusing Haiti which kept many of the traditional african beliefs in its culture with the heavily christianized jamaica and others.

The point is... NGOs are like parasites all over the third world justifying their existence by blowing things out of proportion........so the money can keep coming in.

And yes I am Haitian born, have lived in west africa, in europe, in the united states....and am in haiti often making passes at straight men day in, day out...and only getting a laugh or a smirk from those not interested.

I know what I am talking about.


Dave, I hope you are right. I hate it when gay people anywhere in the world are hurt and abused in any way. However, according to your comments, doesn't it mean that Rod, the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission and SEROvie are completely wrong in what they report?

I, too, have been to West Africa. Twice to Nigeria and once to Ghana, I have gay friends in both countries.

Greg G

Dave: I'm not American. I am Canadian and my family is from Barbados. I'll take your word that you are Haitian, but you apparently do not live in the camps in Port au Prince.

Haiti is a very beautiful country and I love the people. It is truly a shame what happened on January 12n 2010. But it is foolish to speculate on what you do not know. I have several Haitian friends who were robbed, attacked or beaten pre-earthquake. Keep telling yourself that more than one million impoverished, desperate people living in tents would never hurt or harm another person.

And are women not being raped either?

dave lopes

Greg; what happened on january 12, 2010 is simply an act of nature. It happened 200+ years ago and destroyed Port-au-Prince.

The large number of death however is man made. It is the result of our inability as Haitians to build a modern functional state.

Read my post aagin; it SPECIFICALLY dealt with the homosexual part.

"you'll take it that I don't live in the camps"....but YOU a canadian do..i assume.

There is an increase in criminal activities in the urban camps as was to be expected...anyone can be victimized. Just as anyone in a US housing project or a south african poor black urban area, or a brazilian favela can be victimized.

Even with that the crime rate in urban haiti is lower that south africa or Brazil....look it up if you don't believe me.

What is certain is that there is no systematic violence against gays in Haiti.

Again....these NGOs are looking for money and need to advertise with tall tales.

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