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27 April 2011


Nathan James

You would think this would shut Trump and the peanut gallery up once and for all, but no...now they'll claim this long form was "manufactured", and ask for Obama's bank book, his mother's passport, his grade school records, and his dog's license...Obama alluded to this himself, at this morning's presser, when he mentioned that no matter how much material the White House provides, some people just won't ever be satisfied.

It's sad that the national discourse has stooped to this new low.


Don't let facts get in the way, Republicans and Birthers...


He should not have done it!!! If they are that 'silly' then they're not worth time/space at any table where there's serious discussion taking place re: this country. How can anyone run for the presidency on a platform of someone showing his/her birth certificate?!!! And now he's moved on to the next absurd topic of Obama's education, etc. . .

Mikey-He Likes It

It's just another sad attempt, in a long list of attempts, to discredit Obama and make him look like a liar. These people have nothing better to do with their pathetic lives than to stir up shit. The document was always available online for those to view it.


i agree. he shouldn't have done it. if those silly fools wanna make this a campaign issue, please let them. if folks vote for THAT issue, then BHO couldn't win anyway.

i'm sure, with the economy and gas prices as they are, that people aren't gonna get caught up on some silly foolishness like this. if they do, phush 'em.

Kevin Perez

Freaking unbelievable! This is the pathetic state of politics here in this country!


i hope we can discuss his failures now

they hurt us all more than his frauds


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