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25 May 2011


The other guy

I was so shocked when I heard this late last night. Very sad.


WOW, very sad to hear this. I had him as a friend on my MySpace page and I love his magazine photos. I will say a prayer for his family. I am extremely sad to read this story.


I grew up with Maurice, know him since our days back at Coles Elementary, Terrill Middle School and Scotch Plains Fanwood High, I use to pick on Maurice when he was a little fat kid on the bus, but as we grew up together, I watched him grow into a beautiful successful man, actor, and that little yellow fat kid, became a sex symbol all over the country, as I'm writing this my heart is so full and the tears are clouding my eyes, I can't find the words to truly express how this lost has impacted me, to even know a glimpse of this man, you were truly blessed, I loved him so much, he was a true definition of a genuine person and a friend, and I pray that somehow, somewhere that those people who consider him a friend and his family, will be able to find the peace we need to come to terms with this sudden lost. May God Bless his family, and his beautiful soul.

Cole Maverick

Ohhh man this breaks my heart, we loved Maurice loved his videos loved his smile and crazy hot body, so cute and sexy, so sweet... He will never be forgotten, he will be immortalized in video and film for ever. As long as he is in our minds and thoughts his spirit will live on forever in our hearts. The MaverickMen miss you and love you baby ... Good night sweet prince, And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

Cole & Hunter


I am praying for his friends and so many of the young people in NYC who saw him as a role model and a Possibility.

I had the chance to meet him only once but his smile was infectious, his heart pure and his dreams were big and attainable.

This is a huge loss and I pray that we all tell each other NOW how we feel NOW and LOVE ON EACH OTHER! I am grateful that I was able to tell him to his face that I loved him.

stephen brown

always sad to hear of the loss of a brother more so the loss of someone so talented so promising so beautiful so soon !

condolences to his family n freinds from my heart with deepest respect


while maurice and i were only virtual friends on facebook, we connected and spoke about our mutual interests in film/theater and growing up a town apart (he's from scotch plains and i was on the other side of terrell road in plainfield). from reading all the tributes, it is definite, as with oprah, he will be missed. RIP


Wowwww. So young. So Shocked.


Never heard of him or seen his work, but another young black man gone too early...sad. RIP.


This TOTALLY shocked me! May he rest in peace.


Such sad news but he will never be forgotten and my his work live on thru the arts! RIP Maurice!


Another young warrior gone to soon. I met him several times over the years and always remember his gentle spirit. RIP M

Distant Lover

This is heartbreaking. My heart goes out to his family.


I am so shocked may here rest in peace

Spencer Collins

I did not know him personally, but another lost African American Male gone too soon should be reason enough for us ALL to mourn. This TRAGEDY is only furthered saddened because of the gentle, successful, warm-hearted spirit that he possessed. God Bless the family that lost this LIGHT and know that we are grieving too and praying for you in this DARK hour. May God give you peace with the knowledge of his sacrifice that we may all have ever-lasting life in the here-after. YES we lost a friend, brother, son, cousin, uncle & confidant but heaven gained an ANGLE and WARRIOR in Maurice. GOD BLESS!




So sad. Praying for the family.




to shawn..take ur money and send his family flowers..i grew up with him and people r grieving. show some respect... this is not the forum for a psa.

chris w

He was a beautiful young man! I did not know him at all. I would just seem him around NYC. He was always laughing and smiling. He was incredibly easy to say hello to and never let his good looks go to his head.

Occam's Razor

What was the cause? Can anyone inform us?


Occam: Death certificates are given to next of kin. Families are not required to share or tell anyone how someone died.

Rod is surely not required to report how/why his friend died if the family doesn't want it shared. I have very much respect to R20 for NOT gossipping and respecting the family's wish.

You obviously didn't know Maurice. Why are you commenting in several posts demanding a cause of death?


I dated Maurice several years ago and was so taken by him he was sweeter than most, I am torn up hearing this news about such a young beautiful man losing his life,may he be cradled in the lords arms and may he shine for ever as a star in our skies. Maurice i will always remember us riding in the convertible with the guys in the corrections van laughing at us holding hands we both got such a kick out of that. Rest in peace baby boy.

Occam's Razor

Carlos: you seem obsessed with me. Apparently, you can post response, crazily, to my post as many times as you like (twice!), but I can't ask questions that are of interest to me. Is that it?

Listen up: I can ask WHATEVER I feel like!

Rod is not required to answer these questions, just like I'm not required to run my questions by you before I post them.

If you're not feeling the questions I ask, don't respond, the questions aren't for you to begin with.


Jorge, what a beautiful comment about a beautiful young men. You and the family have my sympathies on your loss.

Carlos sounds completely rational, btw. Stop insulting this man's memory.

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