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16 May 2011



This is fantastic. I am so proud. Thank you Don!


This is great news!!! Another black gay man comes out.


weel done Don... you are too sweet... love watching you and you look amazing @45 just like me... lol

I will buy your book for sure


I am so proud of Mr Lemon. I've already pre-ordered his book.

The only downside if there is one, would be that he won't be able to do Oprah's Book Club. America needed to see this brother on that stage.

Black Pegasus

Don I love you so much for having the courage to do what I currently cannot at this stage in my profession. I've always thought of you as a brilliant news host, and I hope this story will only be a sidenote to an otherwise remarkable career. I will rush out to buy your book once it hits shelves!

Thank You Don! witcha cute self ;)

chris w

Love him, admire him, inspired by him. I'm going to Amazon, posthaste, to buy this book.


Congrats Don!!! I'm glad you are doing it and on your own terms. That is the beauty of it. I wish you much more success and inner peace.


Bravo. Simple. Plain. Pure.


*falls out and faints*

This did not just happen. I'm in bed and I haven't woken up yet. Yeah. That's it.

I'm dreaming.

Account Deleted

OMFG, 45 years old and looks like he is in his early to mid 30s!


Congratulations not only to him but to us all, he may never know the impact this will make not only as a black man but also as a main stream news reporter!


Congrats Don for making this bold step. Visibility is very important, especially for the Black lgbt and straight communities. Your coming out will chip away a little more from that wall of homophobia.

Mel Smith

Awesome. God bless Don Lemon


Wow!! I'm so glad that this has happened. I look up to James Baldwin for his courage and ability to address race and sexuality, but Don is someone who is living and on my television screen constantly. Not to mention I always had a crush on him along with T.J. Holmes. LOL.


Great job Don!! not only are you the best looking anchor on any network lol but you also feel you can be who you are without hiding and that's awesome! I'm very happy for him that he was able to do this, you would think that in this day and age we'd be beyond having to hide but unfortunately for too many people that's not the case. I'm glad Don had the courage to do this!


very courageous of Don. I'm quite proud of him standing up and standing out. the book should be a good read



Prodigal Black Man

This just in:



Are we suprised? Anyway, Don is pretty awesome.


This will help a lot of young people. He was in Philly for years and this is not a surprise since he went to the Bath houses. I was wondering if he was ever going to make it public. I think he did this now to help the young people who seem to be struggling with coming out. Good for him.


WELL DON!!!!!!!!



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