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31 May 2011





@Osiris I couldn't have said it any better. They are so sorry and pathetic.


Dare I say it? Log Cabin Republicans are like jewish nazis


LCRs are people where money (their own) is more important to them than anything else. All the lessons they've learned come from Mary Cheney - with enough money and power, the rules don't apply to you. And really, for them, as long as they get theirs the rest of us can go to hell.

Sad, pathetic, and dangerous.

Account Deleted

But you can count on them that they'll still crave for big, black Dicks!


There's definitely different communities within the LGBT population and I'm OK with that but to say that Obama hasn't tried to work with conservatives and Republicans just isn't based on facts. I also agree that the LCR are more concerned about issues like taxes than policies to protect and benefit the LGBT population in employment, housing, health care, etc.

jg, III

Don’t think it’s necessary to comment on their site as they’re getting enough from their own community to hopefully make them think. I believe the Republican Party is in a quandary and it would behoove the Log Cabin folks to eject themselves from the same quandary less they be walking into gas chambers with their names on it.

Account Deleted

People actually believe that President Obama hasn't been putting enough effort to appease and accommodate conservatives? LMAO, considering how we've been forced to play nice with these thugs while they act like animals.


@ Donoelectic: “All the lessons they’ve learned come from Mary Cheney—with enough money and power, the rules don’t apply to you.

And they’re absolutely right about that.

“And really, for them, as long as they get theirs, the rest of us can go to hell.”

To be a Republican is to be a sociopath. That might not have been universally true once upon a time, but it is now.


Is being a 'GAY Republican' Oxymormonic. There entire 'Family Values platform' Refers to US as a Un-person....I mean it's like Kev stated ... A Jew being a Nazi. Have you seen some of these clowns like 'Rick Santorum' from there 'Party' He would advocate us all being shot or shipped to the moon!!!! Sometimes i get the feeling that the Gay Community is like a fat women/man standing in front of a Microwave oven saying 'I wish it would cook faster' No Patience' It has taken decades for most 'Thinking people around the world to not see US as freaks, weirdos .pedophiles,nut jobs and look at us as normal people. Governments take a little longer. Especially ones hip deep in religious dogma like the USA. I mean Canada and Mexico... have Gay Marriage. Who would of thunk it Mexico is more progressive than the United States...

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