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13 May 2011


Nathan James

The NOH8 campaign comes to NYC this afternoon from 2-6 PM. The open photo shoot at the W Downtown (123 Washington Street, Manhattan) costs $40 for individuals, $25 pp for couples. Just FYI on this excellent project. Proceeds go to GMHC.


I really hope that as brothers and others like this, in sports, politics and other fields, lend their light, celebrity and support, that we focus on THEM and give more energy and support to people who support us and not people who come against us!

What's the work about? It's about building bridges and community! Let's be mindful of that and shine light on those who are willing to step out and do the work and stand with us and spend less energy on people who do stupid things and let ignorance leap from their lips. That energy will take care of itself (See you next year, Kobe!).

Today, I will be posting this hour by hour because this young beautiful brother has said YES to equality and justice everywhere and the truth of civil rights!


Now, I've been waiting for NOH8 to come to the area and when they do, I'm booked up! UGH! Let me know if you have access to the schedule @NathanJames and if they'll be in NJ or Philly any time soon or back in NYC!

Nathan James

@RevKev I'm going to try to see if I can get them to return to NYC during Pride next month. I'll keep you posted. :)


Extremely powerful words RevKev. They made me very emotional. It is about building bridges. "Love is the light of the world."

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