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31 May 2011


DW Jazzlover

In no way can she support a Same gender Loving Pastor ??It is also hitting in the pocket book!!
It is a real shame that some People never really learn..If we remove all these road blocks to people loving each other,we would not have a lot of these problems...JMHO

Bj Lincoln

She is a stain on the King name. As for Long....He joins the growing list of those who do NOT practice what they preach.

Ben in Atlanta

The loveless are godless. You could use openly sinner in your article titles and not be wrong.

James M

She must have been scorned by a lover a long time ago and thats why she is the way she is....


Sorry but she has been planning this for quite sometime and this just helps her move to a new platform. Having talked to her at few events and I was told that Eddie will soon half to pack his bags and they want him out.
Of course it was. And when you "talked" to Bernice, what did she say about gays? SMH -RM


Moving on to greener pa$ture$. It’s all a part of God’s plan for His anointed shepherds.

Former COGIC

@ James:

I'm curious why someone on this blog is on a first name, confidential basis with Rev. Bernice.

Here is a question. Are you one of the gay bashing church people? Or one of the self hating church queens? Because your rhetoric and rationalizations sound alike ...

jg, III

Ms King has a long history. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know the profound lack of not coming to terms with her self impedes her full destiny and was an instigator in the charade being perpetuated there at New Birth. Her father had more indignity than to throw gays under the bus for his own gain. It would behoove Ms King to come terms with something in her own life.

Mabel Lean

...but isn't she gay too? I'm confused.

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