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25 May 2011


Account Deleted

Don't we have the largest prison system in the world or something?


Privatization of the prison/correctional system is a recipe for disaster. This is a growing busy and the profit-makers need more and more bodies to lock up. Men and boys of color are targeted to lock up and to keep the system alive. Rehabilitation is not a concern, there's money to be made. The new form of slavery.


The prison system in the United States is ridiculous. It needs a complete overhaul. How do we reduce crime and make this country safe for all? The question of the century...it certainly won't be easy.


It is not just men and boys of color. It is ANY man or boy...totally not a color issue at all. It is those who are employed and very well compensated at these prisons...that is where everything starts and unfortunately ends. They are the ones who are responsible for what happens inside those walls. If qualified individuals are hired, then you will receive qualified programs set forth. Ones that actually HELP the inmate. US is not known for that obviously...otherwise our recidivism rate would not be so high. Again....greed from the top (judges, prosecutors, lawyers, etc. etc.) is the bottom line...not color.

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