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18 May 2011


Nathan James

There is one gaping hole in Strauss-Kahn's defense: It is known that DSK left the hotel before the first police units arrived in response to the 911 call. In Midtown Manhattan, that's an escape window if less than 8 minutes. This is based on the standard response times for NYPD and EMS (in Midtown North) to a call such as an assault.

DSK got out of that hotel as fast as his legs would carry him. It's also known that he had a "standing" reservation with Air France, which means all he has to do is arrive at the airport, and they will find a seat for him. It's pretty clear to me he was trying to get out of the country one step ahead of the police.

MSNBC is reporting that DSK is on suicide watch at Riokers' Island, where he is being held in a solitary cell on protective custody. I don't winder. To go from being an international power figure (and potential French presidential candidate) staying in a $3,000/night room, to accused sex offender in the city's meanest jail, in just a few days, must be unbelievably traumatic. We'll see if his lawyers can spring him on Friday.

I myself actually expected DSK to get electronic monitiring and to lose his passport. I was shocked when the judge remanded him, just as us ordinary folk would have been.


He’s a Master of the Universe.

She’s a poorly paid African immigrant.

How could their liaison have been anything else but consensual? No doubt, she was utterly awestruck with the privilege of having sex with this all-powerful white man. And if she wasn’t, she certainly ought to have been.

(Peeking, now, into this man’s mind.)

DW Jazzlover

First he claims nothing happened Now it is consensual sex? To many holes in his story...

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