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02 May 2011



I still find FLASH MOBS the MOST intriguing thing/invention of the last 10 years. That people can find the time, commitment and ingenuity to say I WANT TO BE A PART OF THIS...AND THEN DO IT, with rehearse and real input...AMAZING. They almost always make me CRY because it really shows what we can DO when we DO!

I look into the crowds and always SEE someone I would have THOUGHT DIFFERENTLY about until I see them dancing and think WOW...I WOULD/COULD HAVE MISSED OUT ON A REAL WONDERFUL PERSON...

WOW, music does what politics and even religion can't achieve with the same grace and universality. Music achieves harmony!


I love the fact that Janet is getting so much love on the #1's Up Close and Personal Tour! So proud to be a JANATIC...I LOVE YOU JANET!!

Honut Sinti

Absolutely lovely! :)


It was all about that cool, old dude. He got it in! Watching that, and especially him, made me really happy. Thanks Rod for posting this.

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