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19 May 2011


The Truth

She is such an incredible performer. She is quite the talent!


Love the video, but Hate the song! I say that as Beyonce fan. Hope the next single will be better!


I so wanted to like this. She spent more than $5 on a video finally, maybe $6 or $7 this time. The song we know is Pon de Floor with feminism-lite drizzled on top,..I'd rather just hear whatever Vybz Kartel was mumbling about in the original.

The video, meh. I know everyone cant be in couture but how much could 50 plain black bras and colorful scarves cost? Is her mom designing the outfits again? Uninspiring choreography, war-torn hair, blond eyebrow job? I just can't. The Gareth Pugh dress and shoes? - Would look better on Ciara, LOL. About the smartest thing in the video is that the Converse product placement isn't too in-your-face, and maybe the composite shot of her with the hyena,..*sigh*

I'm goin' to watch the Michelle Obama move your body video, that girl can dance!


I think I'm gonna be opposite of a lot of people. I like the song mainly cause of the beat. But the video was disappointing to me. I like the dance moves and outfits but the video seemed to be a little too all over the place, the men didn't seem to have a real purpose, and the ending was awkward IMHO. But I still can't wait for her live performance at the Billboard Awards!


@Yoshi, the ending was ironic. Salute to men? Huh?

Sasha Not So Fierce



Personally loved the video and the song is now growing on me because of the video (which seems to be a constant Beyonce trend). My only question is why do people even bother to watch her stuff online, download her music ect.. if they supposedly hate her so much??? Anyways get use to seeing her constantly for the next few years again....Go Bey!


From the first still I thougt maybe she was rocking Patsy from Ab Fab.


Don't like the song. It's not catchy as her previous hits "Single Ladies, Upgrade You, Crazy In Love". The video is okay, it's definitely all over the place. The best thing about it is the choreography. Other than that....not entirely impressed.


Beyonce is starting to look more and more like a white woman.


Love the song and the choreography. In fact, the dancing is the best thing about it.

Honut Sinti

Has that middle-eastern vibe beat and some dance style moves and reminds me of the Michael Jackson video a while back that had Eddie Murphy, Iman and Magic Johnson.

It shows that Michael was in forward time.


Love the video and the song. She is a goddess with gatekeepers and all. Smart and beautiful. All of this from someone who really doesn't care that much for her voices.



Dan Collier

Whether the vid was worth the $$$, I suspect that it will prove a hit. And except for the ironic ending, the women saluting the men, what i loved was all the gorgeous men. All those beautiful African men ... wow!


Everybody go to youtube. Theres a remix of this single produced by this guy name Fyuchur. Its Hot!! Even her fans love it

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