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17 May 2011



As someone else stated in another blog or chat....this was his second appearance as a Gay character on ABC. He was also a guest on my fav show Private Practice.


Loves me some Darryl. I have both seasons and the movie from Noah's Arc and watch it at least once a month. Between that and SATC the full series and movies, I'm set, lol


yea --was good to see him. sorry he had such a minor part but definitely was refreshing


He is actually pretty funny...good for him. Don't find him attractive, but good for him.


@Antonio...I agree with you 100%


Hey - there was a SECOND actor from NOAH'S ARC on the episode. Right? Wasn't that was Christian Vincent aka Ricky who handed Bree's date the drink. It looked like him to me!

Distant Lover

Instead of bit parts, I want to see Darryl, and Christian and Jensen full time. Bring back Noah's Arc!


He's a good actor and I wish that he'd have larger parts and not bit parts like the one on Desperate Housewives. In addition, he played a gay man in Desperate Housewives. I don't want him assigned to the "ghetto" of only playing gay roles. Playing bit parts and only gay roles does not an great acting career make.


True Dean but this is what happens when you come out.

Neil P Harris was already in the part of womanizer Barney when he came out, so they couldn't exactly try and camp him up but I bet they wanted to!

Hollywood is made and thrives of stereotypes. And it works. Look at all the movies that have brought in the big bucks? Funny guy, guy gets girl, bad guy with the English accent, black best friend, sassy gay best friend...and so on.

Andy Niable

(Facepalm) Oh, dear, that's... Desperate. Yes, please, let's get Darryl some work worthy of his terrific talent, regardless of the orientation of the character. A good role is a good role.

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