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10 May 2011



Every time I read one of his statements, I lose a brain cell. Just go away, Dump.

Distant Lover

Does anybody else think that the 'Dyck', uh, I mean the Donald is as played out as parachute pants? Mr. Trump, one chocolate chip don't make the cookie, ok? You may not be the Grand Dragon of the KKK, but you ain't gonna be welcomed @ Sylia's Soul Food Restaurant either! Trump is definitely a lesson that money don't buy everything!

Account Deleted

Why do people do this? Why are people so damn patronizing about these type of subjects? It's like when these religious bigots try to downplay/tame down their homophobia but claiming they don't have contempt for us but they "don't believe in gay marriage or approve the homosexual lifestyle" by first stating "I have gay friends who I love and respect BUT".

Why, why, why? It's SO obvious when people say things like ''I have friends who are XXXX" or "I'm not (insert racist/sexist/homophobic) BUT....." that it's painfully obvious!

Honut Sinti

Blero Stero just needs to sit his ass down.


Pinkett quit and didn't take the position because Trump asked him to share the position. Trump never asked anyone else up to that point and he doesn't realize that Pinkett just wrote a book and talks about that in it. Pinkett feels Trump is racist.

Trump just digs himself a deeper hole. Anyone can contact Pinkett to find all this out. Boo baby, boo.


Donald Trump is as ridiculous as his combover.


The TRUTH HURTS HUH DONALD CHUMP!!!! Watch how fast his ratings drop now that ALL THE BLACK WOMEN are off the show.

chris w

@Distant Lover. I like that saying, "one chocolate chip don't make the cookie."

Distant Lover

@Chris W. Thanks! and @ BLACK, you damn right, Now that Star and NeNe (with her crazy ass)are off the show, what else is there to watch? Meatloaf boo-hooing for two hours? Please! I would rather watch Flavor Flav shoot a porno with Madea!


Thank you Diva for pointing that out.


Donald Trump can not say he has a good relationship with blacks. He did forget to mention that when Randall Pinkett who is black. Won the Apprentice the second season. He then turned around and ask Pinkett if it was ok to hire the runner-up who was a white woman. In the first season. The 2 people running for the title. One was White and the other black. That year the white guy won. But he did not ask if it was ok to hire the black runner-up then. And when Holly Robinson Peete should have won. He gave it to that white rock star who had a stroke.
He really showed his true colors with putting down President Obama. First it was the birth certificate. And then he started in saying he was a poor student. And even questioning how Obama got into Harvard. He kept bragging on The View how the polls were in his favor if he ran for president. But no one ever says what polls. Where were the polls taken.
U see how he fired Star Jones after NeNe left. He knew they were good ratings.But since NeNe was gone. He did not need Star any more. Meatloaf or Marley should have been fired. Screw Donald Trump. He is not going to run for President. He is just stroking his ego.

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