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06 June 2011



May be the Black gay community can take 30 minutes from Sizzling in Miami, the Inferno in DR, Splashing in Houston or Beaching Partying in LA or cruising pride festivities in ATL, WDC, NYC, Baltimore, NC and all around the USA and demand justice for these Black gay men. For goodness sakes, Durand Robinson was the co-owner of legendary Atlanta hotspot Traxx. This is unbelievable not to mention unacceptable. Stop dancing, drinking, drugging, bbm'ing, texting, fb'ing , shopping and sexing for a few seconds in favor of something meaningful.

The Professor

Right on Kirk! Our community needs to get organized and get politically active on these issues. Sadly when Black Pride weekends around the U.S. have the workshops and seminars to educate and organize, many of the younger LGBT folks don't attend anything but the parties.


From the article: “‘I think that the person that preyed on John Ray online was not gay,’ Quinn said. ‘They came here specifically to target John Ray for robbery.’”

Quinn ought to know, though, that being gay and targeting someone specifically for robbery are not incompatible.

The other guy

Wow. I do not remember this case. Scary. And Kirk you are right, but I would not hold my breath ...


Having lived in Atlanta 39 years now, you see and hear a lot about Atlanta's Black preachers in Georgia. It is a brotherhood and like with any brotherhood you're gonna look out for your brother. The opening sentence of this report said it all, "Why is this not a surprise?" A number of these preachers (including New Birth member and rumored lesbian Bernice King) marched with Eddie in 2004 when he led a national march in Atlanta against gay marriage several years ago or supported him if they weren't able to march. There's dirt on Creflo with rumors on his money laundering but he hasn't gotten caught yet. When he does get caught, Eddie when be their supporting that anointed one.


My bad, I posted the comment above under the wrong article, however what I will say is over the years Atlanta has had a number of murders of gays as pointed out in the article and the community has remained silent. We have remained silent because most of the community is closeted and don't want their photos in the newspapers and be outed. It is not an excuse or a reason as it is a fact of why we don't publicly organize.


You guys are looking to ice water in hell if you think the thirsty, pressed, paranoid fools (which makes up a significant lot of Atlanta) will organize to solve these murders.

If the truth and the culprits are discovered it will be via anonymous tips. That's the truth.com...

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