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05 June 2011



Negro please!

Account Deleted

This goes beyond denial or willful ignorance. Again, there is something pathological about all this.

Honut Sinti

Well, take me to the foot of the stairs!

That man is operating from another space and time.


This is crazy...when will the elders at New Birth stand up and shout ENOUGH!


The young black male population is high in Birmingham and I would assume that the young black male population is booming in Denver, as these are places "daddy" wants to "erect" new churchs.


I think that some members are silently screaming enough. They are also expressing their screams by not showing up to services (and, consequently, not paying tithes to New Birth).

However, I think that other members are honestly taking the "attacks" against Eddie Long as a personal assault against them (and their faith) as well. People in Atlanta used to BRAG about going to New Birth, like it was some rite of passage (or like being a member of the hottest, tightest fraternity on campus).

They are now embarrassed to turn around and say that New Birth is a mess (to admit this means to some of them that their lives are a mess too). This is especially difficult to swallow when some of us have been saying all along that New Birth is a mess. I don't know if you guys get what I am trying to say (basically that some folks have allowed their identity to be wrapped up in New Birth). But, the human mind and the desire to belong is a crazy thing. I think that some of the members of New Birth got the crazy. It is what it is.

miya ingram

wow god bless him please even though he did the wrong thing still bless him so he can meet u since he preaching about you.

Liberator Émigré Éire

Personally, I think we should all fully endorse Mr. Long's attempts to fleece the backward cult members in his flock. Some maths:

Bible = Gay hate in the West, which is bad but usually not lethal.

Bible = Dead gay boys, and girls, in Africa.

So please, let this closet case take every cent he can from these morons. They all deserve each other.

Former COGIC

Drink up, Miya. That Koolaid must be mighty tasty!

And Bubbalicious, I agree with you 1000%. Some people are so emotionally invested in New Birth (or another church for that matter) that they perceive this as an admission of their fault or guilt, or as an attack on them.

And I have to say, if this had happened at most white churches, Eddie Long would be gone. (Ted Haggard hello?) But you our people, we worship pas'r and the bible, common sense be damned.


Miya, Bishop Eddie Long does not preach about God. Like so many other Christians, he doesn’t even believe in God.

The only thing Bishop Long believes in is what faces him in the mirror when he shaves. When he talks about God, the word is just a synonym for “me.”


Stefan took the words right out of my life. Negro Please.
He can raise the damn money, turnin' tricks in his tight outfits.


long daddy will have no problem raising money. many people in the black community pathologically need to be enslaved to something. just name your poison: whether it's being enslaved to white women; thugs; hip-hop; drugs; or the idea that a fool in a big church with a microphone is the second coming; many in the black community will always seek out something or someone to call master.


The audacity! Blatantly trying to get back every penny he gave up in the settlement as fast as possible.

My people...we CANNOT be that stupid!


Insane! No, not Eddie Long. Any one who gives that crook a damn dime is insane. Eddie's just an old time hustler.


How much more money is he going to milk out of these people for his illusions of grandeur?


If his flock has decided to continue believing this man, let them continue giving him their money.




I third that...Negro please!

Account Deleted

Gotta love how groups who decry the evils of colonialism and imperialism usually have the hypocritical tendency to take the attitudes, customs, beliefs of their "oppressors" and mix with whatever shitty political/social ideology they have.

So, you guys agree that this goes BEYOND denial, right?


This gurl has cracked. All these donations are going to do is allow Eddie to build a bigger, better(and probably more secretive) harem of teenage boys he can prey and trick on. SMH.


Blind leading the blind. I'm so disappointed - that at 29 i'm way too old to get some of Eddie Long's money.

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