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21 June 2011



If you notice in both photos, Lady Liberty has her back turned to Huntsman. We can take that as a message.

Huntsman may be promoted as a “moderate” by the media, but only because the other Republicans are mad dogs.


Why do politicians always run on "what I will do once I'm president" and not on "here are my accomplishments as _______" let my past record speak for itself. You don't have to be president to help Americans.

Account Deleted

Hunstman will become the media darling, since he seems so much more rational than the rest of the GOP cadidates. he'll get a pass for quite a while.


I would vote for him 2016. He would make a good president. I just don't think he should run next year.

Derrick from Philly

Huntsman is the one who could beat my Beloved President SlimJim. He's the only only one who scares me because of his appeal to Independents. Forutunately, he cannot win his party's nomination. He's too middle of the road for crazy azz Republicans who control the nominating process.

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