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27 June 2011



not much of a gathering --were they waiting for it to start?

King Dr

AFTER the parade, darling. AFTER.

Did you not see AFTER in the headline and in several sentences?

There were 750,000 people at the parade. This was the cleanup. And love your photos Rod. Your attention to detail is awesome and the camera is incredible.

Chitown Kev

All Rod had to do was wait a few hours (I think) and the crowds would have swelled up again on Halsted AND Belmont.

At about...Oh, say, 7PM you could barely walk without bumping into some queen

Greg G

Wilson and Kev make some odd comments. King Drive is spot on.

Rod is a reporter and news producer. I don't think he has/had a problem knowing WHEN to go to a event or WHEN to take photos. I think he was just posting some photos of how lonely the streets looked after the tens of thousands of people had just been there. It's called "photography".

Sorry Kev, but if I had a $600 or $700 camera, I would have no desire of walking down a packed street to repeatedly
"bump into queens" and rowdy kids.

Chitown Kev

@Greg G

Under ordinary circumstances, I would agree with you but I noted two things that are worthy of mention.

1) Most of those LGBTs after 7 o'clock on Belmont/Halsted/Clark were black. Throngs of them. I have never seen "throngs" of black LGBT's in the Boystown area like that (although I don't go down there all that often)

And considering some of the racial problems that have been occuring in Boystown over the past year, that WAS notable (in Windy City Times this week, for example, there are 2 stories involving racial incidents in Boystown).

And after some of the things that I observed in the area (including gang activity!)...

Now Pride North in Rogers Park, on the other hand...

Greg G


Have you see pics of Rod? LOL He's quite tall and looks like he hits the gym very often. I was not even remotely suggesting he would be a crime victim, and I doubt that even crossed his mind.

But interesting that this became a segue to talk about "throngs" of black LGBTs in Boystown and crime, tho ...

I was talking about walking through a crowd of wall to wall drunk queens. With expensive equipment. Something could get broken. That is assuming he wanted to take photos of wall-to-wall drunk queens.

From what I've gathered, Rod worked at ABC News and NBC, has reported for Advocate, Out and many others, and has traveled around the world speaking and reporting from conferences. Given his background (or maybe because of it), it's always amusing when white gay men come here to find fault. It's even more amusing to watch black gay men do the same.

Love the blog and all you do, Rod. Keep it up!

Chitown Kev

Greg G

I'm not finding fault with Rod's reporting at all.

I'm simply reporting another perspective of things.

And I've seen plenty of photos of "throngs" of drunk queens (granted, those are not ideal working condirtions)

I know who and what Rod is and what he does and i don't need a smart ass queen like yourself to tell me otherwise or to tell me what POV I should take to what Rod (or anyone else) writes.

(and for the record, I frequently present alternative POVs of stories and even blog commentary. If I disagreed with what Rod wrote I would have told Rod that he was wrong.

King Drive

"I have never seen "throngs" of black LGBT's in Boystown ..."

No surprise. You wouldn't see them anywhere, because you regularly hang out at Touche, JoeMyGod, Towleroad, Bear411, etc.

Greg truly must have hit a nerve. What do you always say at TR and JMG? "Child please!"

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