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09 June 2011


Distant Lover

Phuck him! He should eat that nasty ass Godfathers Pizza and crawl under a rock and die, then rot in hell!


He is a 65 y/o old southern boy, stuck in his ways. Poor fellow. What is up with Georgia? Eddie Long, Creflo Dollar, Herman Cain...damn.

Nathan James

I just added Cain to my Rentboy Watch List at JFK Airport. That is all.

Gordon Clare

Tell him if he thinks it is a choice to prove it.


Nah. Being gay ain’t a choice. But I can tell you being a tool shonuff is.


HE IS A SIN...dumb and ignorant and might be on his knees. You know the ones who protest the loudest about gay being a sin will be the first one to try and get down. I would not be surprised with his ugly ass.

James Lochner

Gay is not a sin.
Denigrating gay people is a sin.
He is the one living a life of sin.


any het who claims they know being gay is a choice is confessing homosexuality


"u better pretend to be het like me!!!"

so hc is a homohating fool who just came out

but he still could do no less for gays than that dl elitist warmongering bankster hobama has done!!!


Account Deleted

LMAO GOProud and so-called Gay Republicans.


This ignorant fool has some stiff competition for entertainment value jammed into that clown-car-in-the-circus that is the Republican field this year.

Moron was spouting off about Middle East policy and had never even heard of, let alone knew what the "right of return" was.

These Republicans that embrace "straight talk" (no pun intended) as the best qualification for representing them should remember how that worked out for Sarah Palin.


Ummmm........can anyone remind me again why he's running for president? Yeah exactly! Sorry "RepubliCANT'S", but you're out of ammunition!

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