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01 June 2011



Thanks for posting this. This is certainly more than the previous administration have done, which is welcoming. However, results speak louder than words and I had expected more to have been achieved by now. I have received benefits as a result of Obama's change in policies but there are bigger fish to fry and I won't donate any more money to the Democrat Party until I see some further proposed changes come to fruition. The US is still 10-20 years behind some of its main allies and trading partners and I would expect, as a country who thinks they are a world leader, for them to be more pro-active.


@stevendrowe, it amazes me how much of a hardlined approach folks like you take when it comes to this Administration when the benefits far outweigh any of the previous administrations. It's almost as if you expect POTUS to be your pool boy, or housekeeper at your very beck n call. That sense of entitlement I find dumbfounding.


@Stevendrowe I actually understand some of your frustration, but the alternative is FAR worse. There is a proper time to be critical of the president, but right now; those of us who are in favor of a progressive country need to get behind President Obama and stop complaining about everything he didn't do during this term. We ALL know that if any of these republican clowns were there, nothing would have been mentioned about LGBT rights at all. So let's choose our battles wisely.

Also keep in mind that the president can't just do what he wants to do. He's got congress to deal with. Last time, he bad a bunch of democrats who were afraid to act of anything progressive for fear of not being reelected. Look at what happened to them anyway......

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