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19 June 2011



Very nice piece Rod as usual. We are still in shock. We just found out yesterday that Taylor would have to withdraw from the literary forum on the UHCC Cruise next October. He was so excited about spending time with his partner and the other writers during the cruise. Even after his diagnosis Taylor was determined to participate. His strength, talent and giving soul will be missed.

Although he is gone he will not be forgotten and we still intend on reading passages from his novels in the forum.

Stephen Maglott

My heart is heavy at the news of this loss. Taylor was an important and fresh voice who had so much talent and promise. We have lost him far too soon.

Mel Smith

I think I remember he sometimes posted comments on this site. Thank you for the news Rod.

God bless Taylor.


I am deeply sadden by the news. Taylor had become a mentor to me and a friend. My prayers go out to friends and family members dealing with the loss.

Phillip Bleicher

Taylor was such a loving person with a big hear!. It was just earlier this week he was joking with me about requesting medical marijuana.

He was a ray of light that touched so many people through his activism, his writing and his friendship.

Taylor, you will be missed!

Liberator Émigré Éire

I've deleted and rewritten this so many times through tears and I can't say it right.

No words can begin to describe what a big, big man Taylor was. He was amazing, razor sharp and brilliant. He was my friend.

Please everyone buy his books, and read his blog. He really was very special.


In addition to having the privilege of being his friend, Taylor also directed one of my music videos and I was co-directing with him on his adaptation of his book, "Dancing With The Devil". I am numb but I will cherish the time that I spent with him. His official page is SGLCafe.Com


Taylor taught me so much with his sharp observations on life. I'll miss his sense of humor. A generous man of character and integrity.


Very sad.

Another example of why we should not take each other for granted.


I am so devastated about Taylor's death. I did not know him personally, but we did write each other occasionally. He was a beautiful man and a treasure for us gay men. His death diminishes humanity.


When we receive those stray thoughts that say "Hey, it's time to touch base with _____." It's usually wise to do so! It may be the last time!

He was a blogger-friend and supporter to me! I will miss his spot-on observations and acerbic wit.

God rest his soul!


Nothing is promised and this is just another huge example of a life cut short too soon. Too many Taylor stories I could tell you but he was that human being who was always there, always lighting the way and telling the truth. Be sure you tell your family and friends you love them, you care about them and you'll be there. Don't be so busy to take the time to make it count.
Taylor I miss you, I love you.

Derrick from Philly

I loved every word he said on this blog and other blogs (including his own). He's one of folks that you meet on the Internet that you actually hope to meet in person one day. I'm sorry that I never got to shake his hand.

I also will miss him.

Please enjoy the next life, Taylor.


What a terrible, unfair, cruel loss. He was a good friend and I shall miss him dearly. My heart goes out to his family, his friends and the community whose lives he touched in many, many ways.


Rest In Peace, Taylor. Never to be forgotten.


RIP, can't believe I am saying this.


How sad this is. Taylor was one of those people on the web that I followed and admired for his humor and insight. We were supporters of each others work and I was looking forward to his upcoming film project. Taylor leaves a legacy of fierceness, creativity, and a celebration of sexuality and male beauty that will live on.

Peace in the next journey.


I remember seeing his face in the comments for years. I didn't know him personally but RIP.


yeah truly sad to lose another 'friend' so young. I have never met him personally but Ive read his comments and writings for a long time and I gathered from them that he was very special to our community. Will be missed!

Toddy English

I am still numb. Over the past few months Taylor and me spoke a lot over IM. Just small talk about life, blogging, writing, and etc. He was good people. I miss him.


Life is so unfair, and short!

Chitown Kev

RIP, Taylor...this is sad news.


I'm so sadden by this news, what a beautiful person, I'm so glad to have known him for the years I have. when I met him, I had lost my aunt back in 2004 she was like a 2nd mother to me. he welcome me into his home so I could get away and have a clear place to think. Taylor I think you so much for being my friend. love you alway R.I.P my friend

Pastor Michael-Vincent Crea

Peace Rod and All:

"Gone too soon..."

So young, so bright, so alive...
still, even now, echoing Eternal Truth...in his lines he lives on.

Every time I saw his name, I'd stop to read and to listen to the incisive, very real, deeply heartfelt observations and raw and poignant perspectives offered by Taylor Siluwe.

May his Spirit be carried forth as an inspirational conscience for all who read his work and feel his passion for being gay, Human and yes, "Young, Gifted and Black."

Our prayers and thoughts are extended to all his loved ones.

Thank you, Rod...[a]blessing[s] to all!

Pastor Michael-Vincent Crea
One World Life System

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