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27 July 2011



I'll be sure to catch that issue, though I don't read Ebony normally, lol.


Well I think that is great! I will look forward to reading it since I am a subscriber.


I am excited for you Rod. I'm glad that you're having an amazing summer and actually doing things that are worthy of blogging and keeping us connected.

I appreciate you and I'm looking forward to you coming back ferociously focused! BRAVO!


congrats Rod! my bf has a subscription. I'll definitely check it out


Congrats, Rod!

Chitown Kev

Not a big Ebony reader, Rod, but i will make sure to get the October issue and treat like one of my comics (put it in plastic for upkeep and all of that).


Account Deleted

Is the assignment in question something LGBT related? I'm not sure if Essence or Ebony ever did anything like that.

Former COGIC

Congratulations, Rod! I am thrilled that you're contributing to Ebony. The magazine is iconic in the black community. So many of us grew up reading it.

You are always building your brand and stepping up the game. Travel constantly and are across the internet and magazines. Bravo!

Take a few days off to write your article, sleep of the jetlag and return recharged.


Congrats Rod you are the best and they know it :) One luv


Rod please please let us know when this article comes out, and highlight it. This is no time to be modest, lol! And I was wondering the same thing as Kev Perez if is gay related, THAT would be interesting. Speaking of which, has anyone here read or have a comment on this month's Black Enterprise magazine?

Baltimore Femme

rod, this is great news. you're doing big things in your career and for our community. congrats.

Rod Mc

Thanks for all the kind words. It's so much appreciated. And Dluv and Rev Kev remind me that sometimes I'm too modest about my accomplishments.

The article is on Black same-sex couples raising children in the South. Ebony looked me up and asked me to write the feature.

Dluv, I was traveling and crazy schedule last week but will post Black Enterprise.


Kevin, the stories have been rare, but not as rare as you think. Essence JUST did a piece on lesbians in the military and I was interviewed by them years ago about why some gay men get married to cover up their sexuality. Ebony did a feature piece on whether GAY IS A CIVIL RIGHTS ISSUE and I remember because the cover story was KEITH HAMILTON COBB, HENRY SIMMONS and another handsome actor and I was surprised by the gay article because the title was directly over their heads and I was praying that they were ALL COMING OUT! LOL.

Chitown Kev


I only browsed through the cover article but it seemed as if that entire issue was a LGB sorta issue because even in some of the other supposedly non-LGB related features it seemed as if they featured a lesbian or a gay man (I distinctly remember one lesbian, to be honest)

Bourbon Street

Rod, this is outstanding. Congratulations! I'm looking forward to reading it and renewing my subscription.

BTW, I've stopped reading the Advocate ever since you stopped writing for them. They do a very poor job of covering black sgl/lgbt issues. But very glad to see that Ebony is trying to step it up.


omg! congrats!

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