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10 July 2011



Let's say for argument sake, people choose to be gay, no one was born gay, does that mean because they choose to be gay they should be denied equal rights. Therefore, if gay people choose to be straight, then they can have equal rights and they will no longer be bullied, raped, beaten up murder and won't have to think about suicide for being gay? So homophobic people are helping gays "see that light" through their Christian beliefs and selected scripture interpretations in The Bible by forcing gays through violent acts to choose to be like them. How stupid does that sound?


There is no such thing as an ex gay, its just in you to be gay. People that think they are suddenly straight are lying to themselves, and can be caught checking out some ass on the low!


I will never understand why anyone who is not GAY really care and fight so hard to deprive or give expert testimony on something they CLAIM to not be. If you are straight, stick to what that has to offer and leave the GAY lifestyle and all that comes with that to gay folk. I really think and have seen with my own life experiences that the ones who cry the loudess about gay being wrong and don't agree with all things gay are the biggest closet cases on earth.


add him to the list of no substance idiots. He kept answering all questions with the same line - look at my record. he wont be around much longer


How do Log Cabin Republicans justify voting for candidates who either make these statements or do not repudiate the ridiculous statements of others?

I know they want to "change the party from within," but it's 2011 -- and I don't see people who claim to deserve being elected to high office bringing someone out from behind a curtain who said "Yes, I chose to be gay." Taa-daa!

Like Michele Bachmann who claims that many Nobel Prize winners do not support the theory of evolution, she couldn't name or "produce" a single one.

If the mainstream media was so "liberal!" as these fools claim, wouldn't the media be pressing them hard to substantiate such wild statements? Wouldn't the "liberal!" mainstream media be hounding Donald Trump to reveal his findings on his personal investigation into Obama's background and "real" birth certificate?

The notion that this doesn't appear to be a contradiction to so many voters concerned with integrity (and in this election, "real world experience!"), let along occur to them to push back on substantiating these wild claims, leaves me speechless (except for this rant).

It just boggles the mind.

Account Deleted

Sorry, Right-wringers and church folks but my life style at the comment consists of me eating, sleeping and possibly watching various seasons of The Simpsons and The-X Files on DVD before schools starts. These people demonstrate a disgusting amount of condescension, self-righteousness, and holier than thou complexities...All because they're Christian and there for better than anybody else? Good ol' fashion White Supremacy.


Pawlenty's comments are such a transparent ploy to position himself to the right of some of the nuts now vying for the GOP presidential nomination that they're laughable. He knows full well that homosexual orientation is not a choice and that the science is not in doubt. He also knows he's placing himself increasingly outside the mainstream of evolving contemporary American public attitudes about homosexuality and LGBTQ issues, but it's for nothing, because he won't win the nomination. Pawlenty is a joke. And a loser to boot.


Well, he's a homophobe. But technically he IS right that the scientific jury is still out on whether it's GENETIC. That's not the same on whether it's a choice. It may be determined in the womb or early in life, which is different from "genetic".

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