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05 July 2011


Derrick from Philly

Every generation seems angier and angrier. My 1970s generation is called "frivolous disco era children" but we were never so angry. Angry at what? At who? Why?

Then, of course, I don't know what it feels like to grow up with both parents on drugs. I don't don't know what it feels like to have grandparents who can't have you around because your parents can't be trusted in their house. I don't know what it feels like to hear loud Rap music blasting in your ears from the time you are two months old. I don't know what it feels like to witness gun violence in your neighborhood every other day. I don't know what it feels like to receive a morning greeting from your mother of "get the f.ck up and get ready for school".

I can complain about the anger and the violence, but, no, I don't know what it feels like.

Edwin T

I want to say that I'm speechless, but I'm. Unfortunately I've seen this all too often from black and white, gay and straight young people.

Derrick, I hear what you're saying, but at some point personal responsibility becomes a central component of adulthood. I don't know the home life of those young people. It's probably not very nice, if they can only feel safe coming to the gayborhood and acting out. But that doesn't excuse their ignorance or explain why they're having a streetfight.

And by no means does any of this excuse the racist and racebashing done by the gay white boys. This is just another excuse for them to say the n-word, as they love to do from San Francisco to New York City.


I think Derrick makes a valid point that these kids are very angry and do not deal with their anger in constructive ways. Whether we like the racial angle or not we need to have a discussion about it because this violence is growing in black gay circles. The balls, parties, and prides have seen levels of violence that would have been unheard of a few years back. Something has got to be done about this or black gay people will not feel safe in black gay spaces-- that's a mess!!

Something else is going on, too. Back in the day the kids who were out were very different-- to be the gay kid in school was to be nerdy, shy, quiet, etc. That is not the case anymore-- kids of all "types" are out and seeking acceptance in gay communities. That is a good thing, but it seems to bring up other issues that we have been very reluctant to talk about...

Former COGIC

Co-sign Derrick and Kevjack.
Black youth and black gay youth are more than likely not from dysfunctional homes. They grow up surrounded by violence and do not know how to deal with anger.

The tragedy is that coming to Boystown, the Village or Castro is supposed to be a "safe space" and it becomes another war zone.

Black gay spaces have become progressively violent. I think hip-hop has a lot to do with that, perceptions of masculinity and the glorification of thug culture.


Sad, but I've seen this happen way too much in NY. And it seems I'm seeing/hearing the racial tension creep everywhere now. I went to G Lounge in Chelsea about a month ago (hadn't been in over 6 months) and saw they were now charging and had a dress code (no fitted caps, sagging jeans, etc.). Heard there a was a big fight there too a while back. Hmm, I wonder who they're trying to keep out.

Free thinker

This is terrible but not surprising. We do not know the complete story of this incident. LGBT lifestyle is very destructive as well as unhealthy in all areas of the body, mind and soul. Many people reading this will become angry. I will simply say please do your own research in several disciplines of the sciences.


I don't have words! Viewing the tape....I just don't have words yet anyway!!!

Derrick from Philly

"LGBT lifestyle is very destructive as well as unhealthy in all areas of the body, mind and soul."

Well, that explains it. All the young Black men who kill other young Black men every weekend in communities all over this country are all living a LGBT lifestyle. Yep, that makes perfect sense. I wonder if they snap their fingers before or after they shoot the gun.




The bottom line they need help.I went to that Face book page and while a lot of people is wanting action taken. Most of people are civil with comments. But these kids need help and that is the bottom line that center helps them and now they want the center shut down or to stop assisting young wayward gays which I feel is wrong. This fighting is unnecessary and will only lead to worse actions. The sad thing is unfortunately the white gay establishment will see us all as the same and will begin to treat us as the same coming to those gay establishments in Boystown.

Mitchell Wright

Now, I think everyone is a little out of touch. We have always had street ghetto boys that traveled in packs which they called Houses. This is not new. This has been here since I came out and that is over 25 years ago. You could go to any major city and a fight would always breakout after the club closed. I am just shocked that everybody on this site is acting like this is something new. Where in the HELL have you all been?


@free thinker

you sound like anything but. especially if you definition of being a free thinker includes using critical thinking skills and evaluating evidence


So Mitchell that makes it right? That is the problem with the black community. We say violent acts have been going on for x amount of years, so what? We need to do more to get ourselves together. Our population growth has been stunted due to this same sort of violence.


Derrick, you make some excellent points. I would also say that these young people are mirroring the behavior that they see in the neighborhoods which they come from.

Where are the black gay elders? When I was young, I learned how to conduct myself by watching black gay men who embraced adulthood and weren't trying to out dance; out tat; or out sag me.

AIDS outreach cannot be the only type of outreach that takes place regarding our young people. There may not be a dollar or some booty in it for you, but talking to our young brothers about life can only benefit our community in the long run.


Just dreadful.

When will people learn to love and respect themselves? Hurt people hurt people...

T Payne

How ironic this incident occurred during Chitown's Black Gay Pride weekend. I'm reading this story having just arrived from there. I visited Boystown during the day-- didn't read or hear a word about the incident. Cleary we all have a lot a work to do...Pride has to be more than just about party and bs and party and bs. Chitown, step up!

Chitown Kev


Lots of good points here.

As far as I can tell, they have not been lumping all black people together; simply the young ones. And I have heard outrage from old blacks that like Boystown as well as whites. I still don't have a problem as far as getting into the occasional gay establishment in Boysown but then again, at (almost!) 44 years of age and as someone who usually travels alone or with another person or two I'm not targeted or profiled by the police in Boystown.

I think a lot of things about this.

Some of the elements that are being referred to (the drag queen showdowns outside Berlin at 4 am have always been hilarious) have always been there. The...I'd had to say packs of gay youths but that is what they are...and even some overt gang activity near the Belmont -el are kinda new things.

Now I was a child of the Christopher Street piers back in the 80's so I understand why they are together but back in the day we were not violent like this.

Kind of the way I feel about this is like the man who said that I don't want their "ghetto way of life" in Boystown and yeah this is generartional...I have more thoughts about this and thanks Rod for covering this; when you posted abt. the pride parade, I hinted at this story in the comments

Chitown Kev

Just as a side note, click on the link to the facebook page. Quite a of the "race baiting comments" are coming from black folks.


I tried a number of times to click on the video to watch it but nothing happened. I would like to see the video.

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