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12 August 2011



He could have placed the gun in his hands, HE STILL PULLED THE TRIGGER!


It does NOT matter! Nothing condones violence! McInerney's life was NEVER in danger! He should have told the teacher it was bothering him! Hell, he could have even gotten in Lawrence face about it, but shooting him was EXTREME! The Gay panic defense is disgusting and should be thrown out. You can't just shoot people who make you uncomfortable..... YOU JUST CAN'T! If that is the case then every gay person that has ever been teased should be able to claim "straight panic"!


Lord Have Mercy...and I do mean Lord Have Mercy...


This is a strange kettle of fish right here! All the should haves and would haves in the world don't help. One cannot predict how this is going to end.

Does anyone know how the student witnesses are doing now after witnessing this?

(See Rod, I'm behaving, just can't help it sometime(;)


I do not have all the facts, but based on what's been presented, it seems to me that the trial court is way out of line for allowing the defense to proffer this kind of evidence. The testimony regarding the victim's alleged behavior is highly inflammatory, particularly compared to its minimal probative (relevance) value. Shame on the trial court judge for allowing this evidence in. The judge is really playing into the defense theory that the victim brought this on himself--which, not only is contrary to law, it is shameful.


This is vile is the deepest, ugliest, most visceral kinds of ways.

Really, so GAY PANIC is going to be tried, is being tried for 15 year olds who are bullies and who shoot boys.

I am so sick of the gay man as BOTH the fey sissy to be beaten and abused AND the predator/practitioner of heinous crimes who is to be FEARED! This is ridiculous!



The who trajectory of this trial is disturbing ...

Kevin P.

For the gay brothas out there, be careful! The Gay panic defense is getting out of hand and given how disposable Black LGBT are, expect some of these animals to try attack any of y'all for sport and than use this pathetic defense. Sorry, this isn't to sensationalize this tragedy or scare ya but given how vulnerable many LGBTs of certain, specific minority groups are, there are some pathetic excuse of human beings that will try to pull the same stunt King's killer did and than depend on the same excuse to exempt themselves.

I'll say it again, if you're Black, Hispanic/Latino/Latin American, or any other color and LGBT, (especially the T segment) your lives don't matter to larger society any more than it does to our pathetic, half-assed pathetic excuse of communities who are so quick to respond to police brutality and hate crimes by White people but look the other way when their LGBT kin are disposed like garbage.

This crap pisses the hell out of me.

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