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14 August 2011



Thank you for this good news. ;-) May he set a trend that all his jacked-up zenophobic "colleagues" will follow.


lol because Pawlenty's endorsement will go such a long way.

and did TPaw really need this insignificant straw poll to realize he had no chance?


“and did TPaw really need this insignificant straw poll to realize he had no chance?”

Do you really think any of these people actually has a grip on reality? Being a lunatic with an ego problem is a prereq for any GOP candidate.

Besides, there’s money to be made by running. I’m surprised Pawlenty dropped out so fast. The big donors just must not have been answering the call. So sad...


All of these GOP candidates are out of touch and out of their minds and I wish they all TAKE SEVERAL SEATS DOWN....meaning give up trying to pull the wool over America's eyes while doing RICH FOLKS BIDDINGS. Nobody on that side ever talk about the poor only defend the rich...it's disgusting.

Kevin P.

Good riddance to another GOP clown. Is GOProud still deluded?


These candidates may be crazy but then, so are many Americans. Personally speaking, I do not think this is going to be a landslide victory for Obama. If he does win, it will have been a bloody battle. Rethuglicans are good at passing the blame and making it stick. We can only hope that the majority of Americans will see through the BS.

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