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01 August 2011


Derrick from Philly

I will vote for President Barack Obama next year, and I will give money to his campaign--but it has been very difficult at times the last two and a half years.

He's given me the main thing I wanted: federal judges and two Supreme Court appointments. I'd like two more Supreme Court Justices (maybe one to replace a right-winger). But still the compromising on policy with Republicans over and over again has been ....difficult to take.

It's all for the Independent vote, isn't it? This idea that the Democratic Base will be so horrified at the thought of a President Rick Perry or a President Mitt Romney that they will come out to vote even though they've been disappointed over and over again.

Well, it's a strategy that should be no great surprise. In his first year in the senate my President had an ADA rating in the nineties. Once he decided to run for President that ADA plummeted to the mid sevenities. It's politics, and he's very smart. I'm sure he and his campaign staff have thought all this out...but it's been very difficult for those in his Party who continue to believe in him.

I can deal with Obama the Great Compromiser. I'd be very hurt by Obama the Great Appeaser.


Ok here we go adding religion in the equation. Let's leave it out and then I can hear you. Once it's added in I cannot hear your thoughts.


At the end of the day, I am sickened by the politics of America, which seems to care NOTHING about AMERICANS! We are a country that seems hell-bent on maintaining the extraordinary wealth of a few at the expense of the many.

I pray that the karma that's going to come at us doesn't shatter our children's journeys to greatness. Damn, how can we have blood on our hands AND eggs on our faces AT THE SAME TIME?!


The U.S. really is about US vs THEM! The basics of decency are just off here. WOW. Canada is looking lovely!


Cedric, it's like you're in my head. And Rev, you're welcome up here any time (but it's far from perfect, I'm afraid).


I will not vote for anyone for President. I will work for my Senator and local races. But President Obama? he has been so ineffective on so many issues I care about. There are many like me who worked as volunteers who are walking away from his Presidency that it is not funny. and despite what Cleaver said I bet he and other members of the Caucus voted for it because the symbol of an Obama presidency is more important than real change


Derrick, you take the words right out of my mouth. This is depressing

Greg G

@ Ger and Cedric:

What a bizarre comment.

Emanuel Cleaver support gay rights and progressive pauses. The mere fact that he described the debt deal/bandaid in faith terms doesn't change the point ie they will likely cut money from poverty, health care and social service funds.

And if it isn't worth noting, if progressive and black congressmen say the debt deal will probably hurt the poor and black folks ... it probably will.

I agree with most of what you say Derrick. Of course I will support and campaign for my president, but he's not much of a fighter, never has been and sadly never will. I don't see why the White House agreed to so many cuts w/o tax increases and why Obama always caves in Republicans.

I don't see him much as a compromiser. I see him as an appeaser. Unfortunately too many black folks and progressives gave him a pass years ago ("We have to get those independents and Republicans!") and now it bites us in the ass. You don't keep kicking your base in the teeth and expect them to suck it up. Republicans never do that.

Clearly enough independents didnt like it in 2010 and it depressed turnout among the Democratic base. But I will do everything in my power to prevent a GOP victory. It is what it is, but it doesn't mean I have to like it.

Chitown Kev

I don't think that "Satan" was what Cleaver wanted to say and I am 95% sure that it wasn't what he was thinking.

He shoulda just let the "s-bomb" rip.


I'm upset by the fact that the President first gave in to the republs regarding them holding unemployment benefits hostage. He gave in and did not end Bush's tax cuts for the wealthy in order to release unemployment benefits. They now are simply playing the same game over and over since they know he is "The Compromiser". However, the president is about to compromise himself out of office. The middle class, blue collar, and working poor are getting shafted in this deal, while the wealthy are still sitting pretty with all their tax breaks and benefits.

America is going to turn into Rio de Janeiro. There will be mansions and condos all over and two blocks down will be the shanty towns where the rest of us live.


I must apologize Rep Cleaver voted against the debt ceiling bill.sounds like a matter of conscience to him

chris w.

@Derrick from Philly,

This is no criticism of President Obama, but he is NOT actually doing that well on getting his federal judges confirmed. The Republicans are blocking/obstructing the vast majority of his nominations. Check out this link only as an initial reference. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/nan-aron/federal-judge-deficit_b_915130.html

Like you, his appointments to the federal bench and the SCOTUS are what matters most to me. In my opinion, this is how a president can most directly shape his legacy. So far he has done extremely well with Soto-Mayor and Kagan. I am hoping our friend, Justice Ruth Ginsberg, retires before the end of 2012 'cause there may not be another chance for President Obama to appoint someone as sharp and fair as her.

Nathan James

In today's America, the top 400 wealthiest people have more money between them than the bottom 150 million. Those super-rich corporate barons pay their Congresspeople truly and well, both personally and through the companies they own (remember, that's legal now...guess who made THAT happen?), so as to keep certain policies or legislation from ever getting passed. The needs of the "poor"--that's US in their eyes--are not relevant or interesting to them.

PAC money from billionaires and the corporations they own is a BIG reason the debt-ceiling deal got passed the way it did, with not one red cent in tax increases written into the bill. That means, as Warren Buffett noted "My cleaning lady [will continue to pay] more taxes than I do." Buffett, one of the ten richest men on Earth, added, "How can this be right?"

President Obama was far too kind to the GOP. He should have exposed their gamesmanship for what it was, and mopped the floor with their protect-the-rich proposals. But, alas, Obama is more of a gentleman than some of these Republicans (see Colorado's Doug Lamborn and his "tar baby" reference to Obama last week) will EVER be. Just my $0.02...

alicia banks


he is a rare honest brave politico
my new hero in dc


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